Colorful Kitchen Appliances Are The Next Big Trend In Home Decor

When it comes to home decor, there are so many different styles to choose from. But it can be so fun to play around with the different styles to find the one you love most! Unlike the actual structure or design of your home, changing the decor is relatively easy (although not necessarily cheap). If you've got a design budget and some imagination, the sky's the limit for how you can transform your home. For some people, that can mean changing the color scheme of a few rooms, maybe adding some paint or new furniture pieces. But others are looking for something a bit more dramatic. The kitchen is always a great place to start when you're redesigning your interiors. It's not just a place to keep the food anymore - kitchens have become focal points of the home, and as much attention is needed there as elsewhere!

One of the biggest trends in home decor right now is colorful kitchen appliances. We're not talking a bright KitchenAid stand-mixer or coffee maker. No, we mean BIG colorful appliances, like the fridge, range, and dishwasher. It's an amazing way to add color and life to your kitchen space, and we are loving some of these looks.

For along time, stainless steel has been the go-to for kitchen appliances. It's classic and versatile, and works with most counter tops and cabinetry. But what do you do when stainless steel just isn't fun enough for you? Well, you add in some brightness and color. But you don't have to jump into this trend with both feet.

You can definitely ease in, and add one colorful piece at a time to see how it plays in your space. A colorful range and hood is a great place to start, since that's typically the focal point of your kitchen.

And you have some wiggle room when it comes to picking the color you want to go with. Some of the big players in the colorful appliance trend are red, yellow, and light blue. But you can go your own way here, too.

Teal, pink, green, slate blue, even orange - these would all look amazing, depending on the theme and design of your kitchen. So if you've got a kitchen remodel planned and need some inspiration, take a walk on the wild side and consider going with colorful appliances. Imagine the smile on your face every morning, walking into a bright, colorful space.

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