People Are Getting Colored-Pencil Nail Art, And Yes They Really Work

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Being a parent brings about so much nostalgia for our own childhood, and this time of year rustles up all of the feels in regards to brand spankin' new school supplies. Freshly sharpened pencils, never-before-used crayons, clean notebooks whose pages are just waiting to be filled with learning...it's all a thing of beauty. But some women are taking their love of the very items that fill fresh pencil cases to a new level. Depending on who you ask, it's kind of a scary level.

Colored-Pencil manicures are a thing, y'all, and they look exactly as the name suggests. It's a bright manicure with what appears to be colored-pencil tips at the ends. Before you ask why, ask how on Earth anyone can accomplish their daily to-do list without these nails getting in the way. Seriously, we want to know.

Crayon nails ? #nailsunnytutorial video by @edo_movs

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For the more whimsical ladies who are less interested in the why and more curious about the how, the creative folks behind the look posted a time-lapse video on social media of just what they did to achieve the look. It's pretty impressive, even if you can't imagine ever walking into your local salon and asking for it.

There is some bonafide skill that goes into creating Colored-Pencil nails and the step-by-step process is nothing short of amazing. It begins with the nail technician coating the nails in paint, then offering up the appropriate shading to give each one some dimension to mimic the shape of a pencil. After that a tan hue is used to give the impression of the wooden section of a pencil and below the nail the actual colored pencil tips are attached with an adhesive.

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Given how intricate the process is, this particular manicure has to cost a pretty penny...and take an extended amount of time than the usual quickie service we're trying to cram into our schedule before getting back to all of life's errands.

For the record, the salon who came up with the Colored-Pencil nails is based in Moscow, so you'll either have to make one long trek to achieve this look, or convince your local nail tech to give it a whirl.

3D high heels 👠 nail design - YAY OR NA?

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And, hey, if school supplies are less your thing but designer shoes are, you could always request Nail Sunny's 3D high heel manicure...or not.

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