Felicity Huffman Facing Jail Time In College Bribery Scandal

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The news of the college admissions scandal is still going strong, and it doesn't appear to be dying down anytime soon. In case you missed it or need a refresher, dozens of parents, administrators, and coaches at some of the top colleges in the country were arrested and indicted on charges ranging from bribery to mail fraud for paying very large sums of money to help get undeserving kids into the college of their choice. It would have been big news anyway, but it turned into a huge deal because of some of the people who were involved.

Actresses Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman were among those arrested and charged, and anytime famous people run afoul of the law, it's big news! While it looks like Loughlin is going to take her chances at trial (she and husband Mossimo Giannulli have both pleaded not guilty), Felicity Huffman was one of the first to take a plea deal in the scandal. Last week Huffman, along with 13 other parents, plead guilty to charges of conspiracy to commit fraud. But if Huffman thinks a guilty plea will mean no jail time, she might have misjudged that a bit.

For her role in the admissions scandal, Felicity Huffman paid $15,000 to facilitate cheating for her daughter on the SATs. The money paid for extra time to take the test, and her daughter raised her score by about 400 points. Huffman pleaded guilty to the charge and issued a pretty sincere-sounding apology. However, prosecutors weren't swayed by her mea culpa. The plea agreement between Huffman and prosecutors seem to indicate that they would seek prison time at the low end of the sentencing range, plus a fine of $20,000 and 12 months of supervised release.

Now, sources involved in the case say that prosecutors plan on seeking a prison term of 4-10 months. That's still on the low end of the range, as sentence recommendations for those pleading guilty were between 12-18 months. But we imagine Huffman was hoping to avoid jail time altogether.

The source says the prosecutors weren't influenced by Huffman's public apology. But we're sure it helped that she was quick to take responsibility for her crimes and plead guilty to the charges. The fates of those who are taking their chances at trial are unknown, but it should be interesting to see what happens.

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