Parents Trick Daughter Into Thinking They’re Giving Her Puppy Away

One of the worst (or best, if you're into it) things about the month of April is April Fools Day. For many, April 1st is a nightmare, because of potential pranks that aren't usually very funny. Adults pranking each other is pretty annoying and terrible, but when adults prank children, a line is definitely being crossed. That's why popular YouTubers, Cole and Sav are in hot water with their fanbase. The two pulled a decidedly unfunny prank on their six-year-old daughter, telling her they were giving away their puppy. The girl's reaction caused viewers to share their negative feelings about the video.

Cole and Sav, who create vlogs on the channel LaBrant Fam, shared the offensive video on April Fools Day. In the video, they explain to their daughter Everleigh that for various reasons, they would have to give away the family's beloved puppy Carl. Carl is a celebrity is his own right, with over 750,000 followers. 750 THOUSAND! Carl is more popular than most people on Instagram. But, they explain to Everleigh that they're simply too busy to care for the tiny pup.

Add to that the new house they're moving into as another reason the puppy can't stay and little Everleigh is sitting on the couch in tears.

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While it is clear that they didn't expect their daughter's reaction, they also didn't stop filming when the girl became inconsolable. A scroll through their YouTube channel homepage shows that they seem to be into pranking. But usually, it's the adults pulling one over on each other, and Everleigh is always aware of what's happening.

But it is painfully obvious that she is not in on the joke here. Coupled with the fact that the parents keep filming while she cries and clings to the dog, and you have a recipe for disaster.

Naturally, the backlash was quick and strong. Many people are against pranking in general, and even more so when children are the subjects of the prank. We all know that kids don't have the same sense of humor as adults. It's one thing to freeze their bowl of cereal, but it's pretty horrible to tell your child you're giving away their pet.

The LaBrant's have created a video in response to the hate messages they've received. They acknowledge that they were in the wrong for continuing to film even after it was clear their daughter was upset.

As of right now they're keeping the video up, but they admit they're not sure what the plan is long term. Hopefully they've learned that you don't put your child's pain on display for YouTube likes.

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