Coco Austin Called 'Disgusting' After Sharing She Still Breastfeeds Her 2-Year-Old

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If you've been wondering when mom-shaming will cease to exist, we're here to be the bearer of bad news: It's never ending. Coco Austin learned this first hand after posting a seemingly sweet and innocent enough photo with her 2-year-old daughter Chanel.

In the photo Chanel appears to have just finished nursing, snuggled up to her mama and sleeping while Coco looks down at her daughter lovingly. It's one of those simple snapshots of motherhood that clearly shows the bond a woman has with her child.

Coincidentally, Coco captioned the photo with some really kind words for other moms, addressing how much she loves the empowering images she sees of other mamas with their little ones, whether they are breastfeeding or not. She also mentioned that becoming a mom has made her a more sensitive person.

Unfortunately that sentiment did not get passed down to her Instagram followers, many of whom attacked Coco for continuing to breastfeed her child at two years of age.

"Am I right in this pic is less about bonding and more about sexualizing the act of bonding for attention and likes?" questioned one naysayer.

Another simply stated, "Disgusting."

Well, Internet, this is why we can't have nice things.

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There were plenty of moms who came to Coco's defense, citing that they also extended breastfeeding for their children, often out of comfort for the kiddo. Others also applauded the mom for promoting breastfeeding and attempting to take the stigma out of something so natural between a mother and child.

For the record, the Center of Disease Control and Prevention notes that 60 percent of mothers stop breastfeeding before they had originally planned, often due to a lack of community support and encouragement. Perhaps if society didn't jump on images like the one Coco posted, this percentage could be greatly decreased.

This isn't the first time Coco has been publicly mom-shamed. She was criticized back in March for continuing to breastfeed when she posted a photo of her family returning from a vacation, as well as for taking Chanel swimming with sharks during that trip.

Basically, anytime this mama does anything and shares it with the world, people do what they can to find something to hate about it.

In January, an Instagram follower accused her of "slut training" her daughter when she posted photos with Chanel in which they were wearing matching outfits of black tops and houndstooth pants.

As you can see from the above photo, it was hardly a scandalous ensemble. Seriously, they look adorable and we think people are trying to hard to pull out something wrong.

We'll continue to keep our fingers crossed for the end of mom-shaming, but for now, it sadly appears alive and kicking.

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