Coachella's Biggest Makeup Trend Might Be Your Biggest Nightmare

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There are few things moms fear more than glitter. As cute as it may look (who doesn't love a good sparkle?) it is a scourge. But for some reason, as much as we know it's terrible, we as people still love it. Little kids really love glitter and sparkles, much to the fear of parents everywhere. Glitter literally ruins everything, and yet we keep buying it because we don't learn. And now, it seems that the people who love glitter aren't just little kids — grown women love it too. Glitter makeup and styling was all the rage at this year's Coachella festival. And we can't say we're surprised.

If you lived through the '90s, chances are this new glitter trend feels like deja vu. Many '90s girls (who are now moms) already lived through the days of putting glitter everywhere. Not just on your eyes, but smeared across your chest, cheeks and slicked through your hair. Apparently, this trend is back, because that's exactly how people were wearing it during Coachella.

Kids young and old love glitter because there is a certain irreverence to it. Sure, it's an absolute disaster to clean off, and you will find glitter all over everything for weeks, but you have to admit that it's really fun too.  Little kids like glitter because it sparkles and makes them look like unicorns and fairies and all that fun stuff. And honestly, that's why many adults like it too. Plus, it's a relatively low-key way to freshen up your look with minimal effort.

Aside from the potentially lengthy process it could take to remove glitter, it's pretty easy to apply. You can just do it with your fingers, no complicated or pricey tools required.

"You don't need to be an expert to wear it. It's easy to put on — could be a nightmare to take off — but it's so worth it," YSL Global Beauty Director Beauty, Tom Pecheux tells Refinery29.

Glitter, even though it's seen as a total nightmare, can be really fun! Shaped glitter, like stars or hearts. Thicker glitters are a little easier to clean up and less likely to get in a little one's eyes. You can just do one glitter shape on their cheek or on the hairline.

For those who just don't want to deal with the stress of glitter, rhinestones are a popular alternative that was also very common at Coachella. Rhinestones are just as sparkly and easy to apply, but the cleanup is significantly less messy. You can usually find stick on rhinestones, that peel off in a snap.

But if you must use glitter, finding a glitter stick or even a shimmery highlighter could reduce the mess and still pack a shimmery punch.

Love it or hate it, looks like glitter is having its moment, and we better get used to it.

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