A DJ Mixed 'Baby Shark' Into 'Sandstorm' At Coachella And It's Amazing

Baby Shark Song

It's Baby Shark like you've never heard it before, and it's pretty amazing! Parents know that Pink Fong's uber-catchy children's song Baby Shark has moved past just being a children's song to become a pop culture phenomenon. The song has charted on the Billboard Top 100 and was even the walk up song for Texas Rangers ball player Elvis Andrus, but now Baby Shark has taken the most surprising of venues by storm.

Over the weekend San Francisco based Jauz, a DJ whose real name is Sam Vogel, brought Baby Shark to famed music festival Coachella and the crowd simply couldn't get enough! While you may think that the crowds at Coachella are definitely not the target market for the children's song, Jauz incorporated the ear-worm in to his set after fans asked for it on social media.

Jauz's tweet received over 26,000 retweets which meant that Baby Shark would officially make its Coachella debut. Not surprising to any parent who has found themselves absentmindedly singing the song to themselves throughout any given day, the song was a huge hit with Jauz's audience. No one can explain why the song is so popular, it just simply is.

Jauz first remixed the song by playing the original version while adding a thumping bassline before going full on dance-track, remixing and breaking down the earworm. He then sent the crowd in to a full on frenzy when he used the song as a lead in to the classic dance track "Sandstorm" by Darude.

content warning: the DJ does use some swear words so use caution when listening if you've got little kids around

The Coachella crowd absolutely loved the remix and Jauz took to social media to thank his fans as well as apologize to parents.

"Good morning world," the DJ wrote on Twitter. "Yesterday was the absolute f*cking best. Thank you everyone who came out and watched on the live stream. Also apologies to all the parents who had their kids listen to my baby shark remix debut thru all my swearing," he added!

People were clearly fans, although many couldn't quiet comprehend why the remix worked so well, only that it most definitely did.

Fans couldn't also get over how much fun the crowd was having during Jauz's set.

While this may be the first time many of the concertgoers at Coachella are being introduced to the viral-ness that is Baby Shark, it seems it won't be the last. Now that Jauz has remixed the song so successfully it's clear that the Baby Shark phenomenon isn't going anywhere.

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