Clothes For The Bump: 10 Maternity Brands Worth Knowing, And 10 High-End Street Brands That Cater To Pregnant Women

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful things a woman can experience, but it also a time that comes with a lot of changes to our bodies and our wardrobes. But these changes can be made a little more enjoyable when we’re able to find clothing that makes us look good and feel confident. Luckily, there are companies who are working hard to achieve that.

There was a time when maternitywear was not only shapeless and unexciting but also incredibly limiting with very few styles on offer. However, now, instead of hiding our pregnancies, we’re able to flaunt it with form-fitting dresses and chic overalls. In recent years the maternity wear industry has been revolutionized thanks to the brands that are focused on providing women with high-quality, flattering silhouettes, and on-trend styles to dress the baby bump.

And now we expect excitement when it comes to buying the essentials to fit our expectant body. Below are 10 maternity-focused brands women should know of; from the designer outfits to the vintage-inspired pieces. Plus, 10 high-end street brands that have a superb maternity collection, so we don’t have to forgo shopping at our favorite store for those long nine months.

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20 Isabella Oliver Has The Celeb Stamp Of Approval

Isabella Oliver is a brand that pregnant women can count on to look and feel good. They have garments that are high-quality and extremely chic at the same time. It was founded in 2003 by a husband and wife team, and the brand’s mission is to be simple yet stylish, which is why instead of focusing on overly trendy pieces, you can find contemporary classics like the little black dresses and easy-to-wear tops.

Now, after more than a decade in the business, they have become loved by not only regular moms but also celebrity moms, with those that have given their stamp of approval including Halle Berry and Serena Williams.

19 Seraphine Has Been Praised For Its Fab Designs

Via Seraphine

The maternity wear industry once had a reputation for only offering oversized, uncomfortable, and—at times—ugly and unflattering pieces. But brands like Seraphine have worked hard to revolutionize the market. Founded in 2002 by French-born designer Cecile Reinaud, Seraphine has built up its reputation to offer moms beautiful maternity clothes that they would want to wear even if they aren’t pregnant — meaning your style doesn’t have to change drastically just because you have a bump.

From activewear to evening dresses, you can find something for every occasion at Seraphine, making it a go-to-brand for all things pregnancy and style related.

18 Nine In The Mirror Will Ensure All Your Bump Dressing Needs Are Catered For

Nine In The Mirror is on the higher end of the price scale but serves as a reminder to women that when you’re pregnant, shopping can still be a wonderful experience and there are always times when you should treat yourself.

The idea behind Nine In The Mirror is to handpick a collection of designer maternity clothes, ranging from classic tops, to lingerie, and loungewear. The website makes it really easy for women who love the high-quality of designer pieces to find what they want, all in one place. Plus, the clothing has been arranged not only by product and style but also by pregnancy stage, which is incredibly useful.

17 Rosie Pope Was Designed By A Mom Who Is Passionate About Quality

The story behind every brand matters, and when you are looking for maternity wear brands, it is, of course, important to find a brand that you can trust. And trust is made a lot easier when you know that the clothing you are wearing has been designed by a woman who knows and understands pregnancy, which is why Rosie Pope is such a fantastic brand.

Designed in 2008 by mother-of-five, Rosie Pope, the brand has been built by her hard-work and dedication, as well as a business partnership with her husband. And because she’s been pregnant herself, multiple times, she understands the requirements for maternity wear!

16 Hatch Is The Solution To Never Having To Wear Shapeless Maternity Outfits

There’s one really good reason to love Hatch, and that’s because their collection is super feminine and incredibly stylish. Pregnancy shouldn’t mean giving up the styles you love for nine months, and this is something that Hatch understands. Here, mothers will find swimwear that includes bikinis, and cute, yet comfortable dresses.

Maternity wear is not something many women feel comfortable splurging on because you don’t get to wear it for that long, but brands like Hatch are also thinking of the future. You will be investing in pieces that can be worn during, and after giving birth, because they are also nursing friendly.

15 Want Luxurious Clothes For Your Bump? Look No Further Than A Pea In The Pod

Pregnancy style has become so much more exciting in recent years, and we have brands like A Pea In The Pod to thank for this because they are dedicated to creating stylish clothing to dress your bump. In fact, they are so dedicated to creating garments that are lust-worthy that they even use the clever hashtag, #40WeeksOfChic — and they don’t disappoint either.

Here you will find seasonal garments which take note of the biggest fashion trends, for summer this year there are leaves and palm print motifs, a street style fave as Style Favorite points out, but also stylish staples like the button-down shirt and woven jackets.

14 PinkBlush Caters For All Pregnant Women Of All Sizes

Some brands can be limiting with their sizes, but PinkBlush is not one of those brands, and in addition to having a maternity range which brings the latest trends to expectant mothers, it also caters for plus-size pregnant women. The collection is called Maternity Plus, and the pieces are neither boring nor shapeless, including standouts like a floral chiffon kimono and a ruffle lace top.

The diversity of the PinkBlush range also ensures that you can find something for every occasion, whether that be relaxing in the comfort of your home, or attending formal events like weddings.

13 Clary & Peg Has The Cutest Vintage-Inspired Garments

Clary & Peg has tapped into a niche maternity market because instead of focusing on mainstream fashion, the brand offers a chic range of vintage-inspired items. The company was created by two women, Edwina and Johanna, and the name for their brand was inspired by the women in their lives; Clary (Caroline) was Edwina’s mother’s childhood nickname, and Peg (or Peggy) was Johanna’s grandmother.

But you don’t just have to love this brand because it represents strong women, but also because it has a range of interesting and versatile pieces influenced by the 1950s, '60s, '70s, and '80s. It’s basically a one-stop-shop for the woman who loves vintage.

12 Bae Is The Brand You Need For Super Cute, Trendy Preggo Outfits

What makes Bae such a special brand is, as they put it, it’s clothing designed for real mums, by real mums. This makes the brand a little more authentic, and it’s one that you can trust to dress your bump knowing that there are women who have gone through these body changes before, and understand what you need (and what you really don’t) when it comes to clothing and style.

Bae has a modern approach to designs, and the main thing for them seems to be producing high-quality garments; everything from the finishing details to the fabric of the garments is carefully considered.

11 JoJo Maman Bebe Has Everything Your Pregnant Heart Desires

JoJo Maman Bebe is sort of like a one-stop shop for motherhood because on their website you can find so much more than just clothing. In addition to maternity wear, there are also baby clothes, kids clothes, bedroom supplies, and baby gear.

The company has been thriving for decades, having first been started by Laura Tenison as a small fashion business in 1992, the brand was officially born in 1993, and since then she has worked hard to turn it into what it is today. And what it is today, is a brand that is spreading across the world because it's a place where you can find a maternity bra, as well as a good body pillow.

10 H&M Understands The Baby Bump And Will Help You Dress It

While it’s wonderful to know that there are brands that are dedicated to maternity wear, it’s also nice to not have to say goodbye to your favorite high-street stores entirely. H&M is one of the few high-street stores that felt it was important to expand their clothing range and include a maternity collection, which is not only affordable but also a great place to shop for simple yet comfortable basics.

The MAMA collection includes dresses, underwear, t-shirts, and tops that will form the basis of your maternity wardrobe, and even super comfortable leggings created with a wide ribbed panel for the perfect fit.

9 New Look Is Budget-Friendly Maternity Wear That You Won’t Feel Guilty About

Another brand that won’t break the bank is high-street favorite New Look, and their maternity collection is also pretty basic but at the same time effortlessly chic. The collection may not be as diverse as some of the maternity-focused brands, but here you can build a preggo uniform of classic cuts and straightforward silhouettes, most of which come in solid, neutral tones, and allow for versatility. It's so easy to mix and match with other pieces in your wardrobe, to add a mix of everything.

8 Mango Has Preggo Moms Covered With Their Maternity Section

What sets Mango apart from other high-street stores is that their maternity section includes more trend-focused pieces. For example, instead of the plain black leggings designed to nest your baby bump, Mango offers contrasting design leggings which have interesting faux leather panels (perfect for the woman who wants something a little more edgy). There are also denim dungarees and pinafore dresses, which are incredibly voguish.

Do expect a very limited collection, which tends to be online exclusives, although it’s a collection that is definitely worth a look.

7 Topshop Will Provide You With The Basics, Without Spending Loads

Topshop is known for its trendy clothing and occasional designer collaborations, including Beyonce’s Ivy Park and Kendall and Kylie Jenner’s collection, Kendall + Kylie, but don’t cross it off your list for maternity wear!

If you’re dressing your bump in Topshop, you can expect to find super cute swimsuits, slogan t-shirts that add edge to your wardrobe, and a selection of dresses; from sundresses to the more formal designs like wrap dresses. But perhaps most important of all is that the brand stocks unusual cuts and styles, like cropped, straight, and ripped jeans, which are far from your regular, sometimes boring, maternity jeans.

6 ASOS Has A Great Maternity Section To Fill Every Stylish Mama’s Needs


Perhaps one of the biggest maternity wear ranges can be found at online retailer ASOS. The company sells maternity clothing from other designers, including New Look and Bluebelle, but also has its own designs, which can be found by looking under the ASOS DESIGN Maternity filter.

Here you will find a number of basic pieces that can be used as wardrobe staples, but also statement pieces like a linen midi dress in floral print (which is an on-trend print for summer), and a standard cut maxi dress with tie detailing.

5 Gap Could Be The Place To Go For Bump Friendly Basics

There is nothing about Gap’s maternity collection that screams high fashion, but that’s the beauty of Gap. The clothing is classic, understated, and designed for a relaxed fit. Here you can find simple silhouettes like smocked off the shoulder maxi dresses, and straight leg overalls, which although trendy are also created to flatter the figure.

If you are shopping for maternity wear at Gap, the collection is an online exclusive. Not that that should be a deterrent because shopping from the comfort of your own home is always appealing, especially during the later stages of pregnancy.

4 Loft Has A Pretty Range Of Dresses To Flatter A Changing Body

What’s great about the Loft brand is that they seem to cater for everyone; they have petite collections, tall collections, plus size collections, and also an impressive maternity collection. The line includes sweaters, tees, dresses, jeans, and shorts.

Perhaps the thing that is most notable about the Loft collection is that they are not afraid to play with colors and prints, and this is very appealing for the woman who doesn’t want her pregnancy outfits to be a uniform of solid colors. From small floral prints to the brighter and bolder bloom prints, and fun summer prints like pineapple motifs — this brand is definitely going to get you dreaming of a beach vacation.

3 Next Is A Great Place For Your New Underwear Needs

There is a lot to like about the Next brand, and that includes their range of maternity clothing at low prices.

Every woman’s pregnancy journey and experience of motherhood is different, but there is one thing we can probably all agree on, and that’s that you won’t be living in your maternity wear. Maternity clothing has a pretty short shelf-life, which is why it seems impractical to spend a lot of money on something that you will only be wearing for a few months. And if this is the way you feel, then shopping at Next can, for the most part, be done guilt-free. You can pick up a number of simple silhouettes that are feminine and modish.

2 Don’t Cross Target Off Your List Because They’ve Got A Wide Range

Target has a wide range of maternity garments that covers everything from essentials to swimsuits, and the best part about buying from them, if you do it online, is that they have made it super easy to find what you’re looking for with their multiple different categories.

There is also an Isabel maternity range created by Ingrid & Isabel, a brand known for its maternity wear. According to the Ingrid & Isabel website, the company started when founder, Ingrid, was pregnant with her daughter, Isabel. But it’s not just a heartwarming story behind the designs, but also the ingenious design of the Bellaband, which is a band that makes life so much easier because it allows you to wear your pre-pregnancy pants but still offers complete belly coverage.

1 Boohoo Can Provide You With Cheap And Cheerful Trend Pieces

Boohoo is going to make your online shopping experience a breeze. The retailer has a range of maternity clothing that really takes the current trends into account and this season, some of the most popular color and print trends have been soft, feminine pastel colors, and summer prints like florals and the palm leaf motif. The good news is that Boohoo stocks these.

Their maternity clothing is fashion-forward and cost-effective, but it’s also going to make the wearer feel like she didn’t have to change her style completely just because she was pregnant, and there is something really appealing about that.

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