5 Classic Shows (& 5 New Shows) Your Baby Will Love

Throughout the years there have been multiple networks that like to provide kid-friendly programming. These programs are created to capture the attention of little ones, while also being educational in the process.

This is due to relatable characters, fun music, and great graphics some shows will always stand the age of time. And these shows are not just new ones that are being released that kids today love, there are also many classic children shows that even today kids still can watch and enjoy. So keep reading to discover the five new shows and five classic shows your kids will love!

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10 Peppa Pig

Peppa Pig is a Britsh T.V show that is currently being released that many kids love. This show is about Peppa and her friends as they go on playdates, visit family, and ride their bikes. Peppa is great to teach your kids about sharing toys, being nice, and taking responsibility for their mistakes.

This show is perfect for kids to watch to learn important social behaviors all while watching adorable animals on their screen. So if your children haven’t watched this show yet, make sure to add it to their Saturday morning T.V. time.

9 Barney & Friends

A classic show that you watched growing up that your kids will love is Barney & Friends. Barney is a lovable purple dinosaur that gets together every day with his friends to play. Barney teaches kids about good manners, friendship, cooperation, and respect for others.

All of these traits is to teach kids to be respectful and to be compassionate to everyone they meet. And with so many episodes and special T.V movies, there are endless hours of content that your kids can watch as they grow up. So share a show that you loved growing up with your kids and put on Barney & Friends.

8 Nature Cat

If you want your baby to watch a show about a group of friends and their adventures together than you want to look into Nature Cat. This show follows Fred who turns into Nature Cat with his imagination to explore his backyard! Nature Cat is perfect to teach your kids about natural science such as plants and bugs.

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This show teaches kids not to be afraid of anything that crawls outside by explaining why certain bugs are important. Teach your kids about the outdoors and everything that inhabits it by letting your little one watch this show.

7 The Magic School Bus

Follow a lovable and entertaining elementary school teacher, Ms. Frizzle, and her class and they go on amazing and educational trips on the “Magic School Bus.” This is a classic show that teaches kids about science in a fun way that they can comprehend.

Some of the many adventures include going inside their classmate's body to look at a virus, talking about how weather works, going into space and many more amazing stories. So make sure to watch this classic show with your kids before watching the reboot that Netflix recently released!

6 Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood

If your little one loves adorable animals than they are going to want to watch Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood. This show that is based on the Neighborhood of Make-Believe from Mister Rogers' Neighborhood, follows Daniel and other puppet friends now in animation form!

This show likes to teach kids about their emotions and how it is okay to feel happy or sad. Daniel and his friends learn how to overcome being disappointed or angry to learn a valuable lesson at the end. Watch a show with characters you loved as a kid in a new form with your baby!

5 Bill Nye the Science Guy

A favorite show that you watched growing up is Bill Nye the Science Guy and we know that your kids will still love this show today! Mechanical engineer, Bill Nye took to the screen in the 1990s to teach kids about since in a fun way.

From educating kids about the Earth’s Crust, the brain, time, and many more important topics, Bill Nye made learning fun. This show was not just loved my kids, but it was also loved by critics everywhere by earning over twenty Emmy nominations. Luckily, Bill Nye has returned to television with his new show Bill Nye Saves The World that you and your kids can watch on Netflix.

4 Arthur

Arthur is a kids T.V. show that originally started airing in 1996 and is still releasing new episodes today for kids to watch. This show follows Arthur, his family and his friends and they learn and play in Elwood City.

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This show has been on the air for over twenty years and has covered many topics in the time. Some of the episodes have been about teamwork, eating healthy, and even about same-sex marriages. Arthur is a show that loves to celebrate the good things in life while learning from anything not so pleasant. And this is why Arthur is a great show for your kids to watch.

3 Reading Rainbow

A classic T.V show that encourages kids to enjoy books is Reading Rainbow. This show that was first released in 1983, took reading and made it fun for kids to want to do. With every episode featuring a different book, your kids are able to see many classic stories.

Reading Rainbow allowed kids to thinking reading is fun and cool while getting lost in a great story. If you are having trouble getting your kids to read then try putting on Reading Rainbow and watch their mindset about it change!

2 Sesame Street

Everyone knows that the big yellow bird lives on Sesame Street. Sesame Street was originally released in 1969 and is loved by multiple generations of families that grew up watching this show.

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Sesame Street has many cognitive skills that they want to teach their viewers every episode. Some of these skills include self-esteem, acknowledge their feelings, and many other important lessons that kids need to learn that can help them for the rest of their lives. So watch some of your favorite characters and discover new friends too with the new episodes that Sesame Street releases.

1 Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

The best classic T.V show that you need to watch with your little ones in Mister Rogers Neighborhood. In this iconic show, has Mr. Roger speaking directly to the viewers as he teaches us the lesson of the day.

He taught us how to deal with our anger, how to support our friends, and even taught us about complex issues like dealing with grieving. Mr. Roger’s whole purpose was to teach kids how to love and respect each other and this is a show your little ones are sure to enjoy.

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