Church Leader Follows Teen Girl Into Bathroom To Tell Her She’s ‘Too Fat’ For Shorts

A church leader reportedly followed a 19-year-old church member into the bathroom to body shame her. The teen had on shorts while singing for the congregation, and one woman decided to let her know she was too fat to wear them.

The church leader, whose nametag reads Bonnie, approached teenaged Jenna in the ladies room to discuss her outfit. What the woman did not realize; however, was that Jenna began recording the conversation once it was clear she was being harassed. And Jenna posted the video on Twitter.

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When the recording begins, the woman is apparently referring to another churchgoer who is "chubby" and was wearing a dress that reached below her knees. She is presumably suggesting that Jenna dress more like this girl the next time she enters the church. When Jenna asks the woman if she is calling her fat, she replies, "You think you're not?" and Jenna begins to cry.

Displaying strength of character, Jenna defends herself, saying that she "f---king" loves herself and boldly tells the woman to get "the f--k" out of her face. The woman takes offense to Jenna's swearing (although she does cuss once herself), and firmly tells Jenna not to wear the shorts in the church again.

Although she gets choked up and a little hysterical, Jenna shows an amazing sense of confidence and assertiveness. It is honestly very impressive for her age, as many teens in the same situation might freeze up and remain silent.

While some do not, many churches require their attendees to dress conservatively. However, the church leader in question clearly shamed Jenna because of her body size. There was no mention of a dress code, and the woman was without a doubt calling Jenna fat.

After Jenna posted the video on Twitter, she received an outpouring of support. Remarkably, Jenna posted a subsequent video asking her supporters not to negatively attack the woman in question. In this recording, she emphasizes the fact that she forgives the woman and wishes her no harm. However, she does want to empower other young women to stand up for themselves in similar situations.

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