Chuck E. Cheese's Launches Their Own 'Pay Your Age Day'

After the, um, less-than-stellar Build-A-Bear Pay Your Age promotion last week, other companies are trying to capitalize on getting some of that sweet, sweet pay your age money. In case you missed it, BAB ran a really cool promotion last Thursday, where you could take your kids into any workshop, and purchase a bear for their age. So if you have a one and three year old, you got two Build-A-Bears for $4! Considering those things can usually run upwards of $40 a pop, it was an AMAZING deal. So amazing, in fact, that too many people wanted to get in on it, and workshops around the country and world were overwhelmed by the demand.

People lined up for hours, waiting 5-8 hours just to get inside the store, and another two hours for a chance to actually stuff their bear. It was insanity! BAB abandoned the promo shortly after it got under way, which obviously led to a lot of very unhappy (and bear-less) parents. Chuck E. Cheese's saw an opportunity, and stepped in to soothe the sting of not getting to build a bear for cheap.

On Friday the 13th, the pizza and fun zone where a kid can be a kid ran their very own promotion, where kids could PLAY their age. Get it? Chuck E. Cheese already has a really popular All You Can Play option, where you can purchase blocks of time and play unlimited games in that time frame. So they decided to change it up a bit, and kids were able to pay their age for 30 minutes of unlimited games!

Didn’t get to Build A Bear? Come in on 7/13, pay your child’s age, and they will get 30 minutes of All You Can Play. ...

Posted by Chuck E. Cheese’s on Thursday, July 12, 2018

Children between the ages of 1 - 9 would be able to pay their age for 30 minutes of game time, with no additional purchase necessary. Kids over the age of 9 could pay $10 for 30 minutes, or $9 with the purchase of a value meal.

Now, we don't know about you, but going anywhere near a Chuck E. Cheese's restaurant on Friday the 13th while they were running this kind of promotion sounds like a pretty terrible idea. But, there were no news stories about it going sideways, and the comments on the original Facebook post are all pretty positive! Hopefully more places follow suit and come up with their own pay your age promos. It's such a great way to drum up business, and for kids to have a great time.

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