Chuck E. Cheese Is Getting Rid Of Their Tokens And Their Animatronic Band

Chuck E. Cheese is finally acknowledging that we're about to welcome the year 2020 and will be updating its design and whole personality. They'll be getting rid of their old school tokens as well as their live animatronic band in addition to more changes.

We know what you're thinking. What is Chuck E. Cheese without that awful band and disgusting tokens? Hopefully, better. Over 80 Chuck E. Cheese locations will be going through the remodel which will also include an interactive dance floor. Instead of issuing tokens that cannot possibly be clean, they'll be using cards preloaded with points for games.

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The actual neat thing is that you will pay for the amount of time your kids can play instead of paying for a certain amount of points. The new "All You Can Play" model is intriguing for parents who have a short tolerance for Chuck E. Cheese. So now, you only allow 30 minutes of play instead of having to endure your kids taking forever to spend 50 or 100 tokens.

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The catch is that the card is inactive for 30 seconds in between swipes so you can't go too crazy, but your kids will try.

The animatronic band is iconic. Many of us remember the Chuck E. Cheese band fro our own childhoods but it's a bit outdated. Thankfully, the band is staying together and will be featured on the new big-screen TVs. Chuck E. Cheese CEO Tom Leverton said in a 2017 CBS interview the company was considering adding live performers at some point.

Brighter colors, modern decor, a new logo, and more lights will complete the new look Some locations have already made these changes and others are still getting their last dance in with the band. The chain has been trying to appeal to a larger customer base for years now.

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The kid's favorite will also be revamping their food menu. They're known for their pizza which isn't horrible but isn't great either. They'll be adding a BBQ pizza and more toppings to the menu. They're also testing out healthier options like a cauliflower pizza crust and adding to their established salad bar.

They want to offer more than 30 fresh toppings for salad and sides like pasta salad, meats, and cheeses. They've also added unicorn churros to their dessert menu. Chuck E. Cheese remains one of the most exciting places for a kid, so we get it. We were children once who also loved running around like maniacs, playing games, and eating too much pizza.

But now we're the parents spending our money there. It seems like they're really trying to appeal to a new generation and to parents who find their place intolerable. What do you think of these changes? Is this enough to get you at Chuck E. Cheese?

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