10 Ways For Moms To Alleviate Chronic Back Pain

Back pain is a fairly common thing, especially for women who have experienced pregnancy and childbirth. This happens to pregnant women because their posture gets altered while they are carrying their unborn children, which puts a lot of strain on their backs.

New moms often have to deal with a lot of pain in that area as well. Typically, this is called “postpartum back pain,” and there are a lot of things that can contribute to it. If it lasts a long time, it becomes chronic back pain. During labor and delivery, ladies sometimes use muscles they would not normally use, which can cause them to have a lot of pain in their backs after the baby comes out. Here are some great ways to ease the pain.

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10 Practice Good Posture

Moms who want to ease their back pain after giving birth should work on their posture. When it comes to back pain, posture is extremely important.

There are multiple things moms can do to improve their posture, including sitting up straight. New mothers might also find that postpartum recovery garments are very helpful. These things help women keep their hips, lower back, and midsection stabilized, which will ease any pain in that area. Ladies can also use some pillows for support when they are sitting down. This is something many moms are likely to find useful when they are feeding their babies.

9 Know How To Lift Heavy Things

When it comes to lifting heavy things, there are certain ways new moms can do it that will help make their postpartum back pain easier to deal with. Those who are familiar with squats are in luck here, since squatting to pick things up is very helpful.

But those who do this should know that keeping their back straight is very important. The next step moms should take is grabbing the item, and holding it just below their shoulders as they slowly stand up. Lots of people use muscles in their back when they are lifting heavy things, but they should really be using their leg muscles instead.

8 Try To Rest

Resting is a fantastic way for new moms to find comfort and avoid pain in their backs. But the downside to this is that new moms usually have very little time to do it.

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But since it is so important, moms should use some time while their babies are sleeping to relax a bit, and avoid taking part in any strenuous activities. This is beneficial for multiple reasons. Resting for just a few minutes makes back pain less intense, and it allows new mothers to wind down, which is not something moms get to do much of when there is a new baby in the house.

7 Exercise

Exercise makes a lot of things feel better, including the pain women feel in their backs after they have given birth. This is also true for ladies who experience back pain while they are pregnant.

There are multiple exercises new mothers can try when they wish to make their back pain go away. But there are some important things women must keep in mind when it comes to exercising after they have just had a baby.

They should start off slow so that they do not put their bodies through too much stress all at once. Mothers should also listen to their bodies, and stop if something hurts or feels wrong.

6 Don’t Hold The Baby In The Same Spot For Too Long

Women can lessen their postpartum back pain by moving their babies around when they are holding them. A lot of moms get busy while they are holding their little boys and girls, which can make them forget to do this.

Ladies can also use baby carriers as well. If a mom chooses to hold her little one in the same spot for too long, it can put a lot of stress and pressure on her back, which is very painful. This is something every new mom should keep in mind, since babies love to be cradled most of the time.

5 Use Furniture

New mothers can use furniture to lessen the pain in their backs. Ladies who have newborns are probably going to be sitting down a lot when they are feeding their offspring, so they should choose a chair that offers a lot of support for their backs.

If a chair is not soft enough, pillows can be added to make it a bit softer. Moms can make themselves even more comfortable when they are sitting down by propping their feet up on a footstool. This is why lots of mothers choose to have some type of chair in their child’s nursery.

4 Take A Warm Bath

Soaking in warm water can help new moms relax, and it can also keep the back pain away. This method of pain relief has been used for a very long time, and it is usually referred to as “warm water therapy.”

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There are lots of reasons why this is a very effective way to relieve pain. When a person is submerged in a tub of warm water, many of their joints are feeling relief at the same time. This can also decrease inflammation and swelling. Ladies who choose to use this type of therapy to relieve their back pain should remember not to get the water too hot.

3 Use Ointment

Certain ointments work very well for back pain, which means that moms should definitely give them a try if they are feeling any pain there, after giving birth. One of the best things about pain relief methods like this is that they often provide instant relief, whereas other medications take more time to kick in.

This is a pretty great way for new moms to get a bit of relief from their back pain since it works so fast. New mothers usually do not have a lot of time to devote to themselves, so they prefer medications that work quickly.

2 Massages Work Well

Moms can ease their back pain by getting a massage. A fun fact to remember is that massages actually benefit new mothers, as well as those who are expecting, in lots of ways.

Postpartum massages are an effective way for women to relieve stress, and they are also very helpful to those who are looking to regulate their hormones and improve their breastfeeding. These massages also help moms improve the quality of their sleep. Mothers don’t usually get a lot of sleep, so the little bit they do get is very important. Massages like this can also speed up recovery after childbirth.

1 Cold Packs Are Great

Cold packs can provide some relief for moms who have chronic back pain. New mothers will find things like this especially useful since they can also provide pain relief for other parts of the body as well.

After they give birth, new moms are usually very sore. Cold packs are a great thing for them to have on hand since they can make things feel a bit more comfortable down there.

Some moms might be worried about using these things if they are allergic to latex. But there are different kinds of cold packs, and some of them do not have any latex in them.

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