Someone Made A Christmas Tree Out Of A Pile Of Dirty Laundry

christmas tree

Something pretty hilarious happened over on social media that every parent can pretty much relate to. Imagine this: you are totally and completely overwhelmed with your families laundry situation. No matter how much you try to keep up, it all seems to just pile higher and higher and you start to wonder if it will all ever be done that the same time. Sound familiar? Then, as the holidays approach, more and more "stuff" gets added to your home like garland and decorations and ornaments galore. You start to wonder if somehow the laundry laying around that seemingly isn't going anywhere could somehow count as holiday decorations, instead of climbing up to the attic to get everything twinkly out of storage.

Apparently, you're not alone in those Grinch-like thoughts because the blogger, Southern Country Home, beat you to it! Compiling all her families dirty laundry into a green laundry basket, stacking items from largest to smallest and topping with a red star, she single-handedly created the most perfect Christmas tree that every single mom can relate to.

I decided to decorate early this year!

Posted by Southern Country Home on Friday, November 2, 2018

The blogger captioned the photo "I decided to decorate early this year!" and we can't help but want to re-create our own version in our homes.

The post was shared on November 2nd and since then it's gained over one thousand five hundred likes, over two thousand comments, and twenty-four thousand shares. We'd say that this means that the rest of the world agrees with her relatable strategy, too. All she needs are some lights and this "tree" is ready for the holidays!

Some of the commenters jokingly said that she stole this idea from Pinterest and if you hop on over to the uber creative social media network, you can see that there is a wide array of holiday laundry decorations. For real. You can do a quick search to reveal ideas for things to do with hangers that have been too stretched out to use and sock wreaths galore (you know for all those sock pairs where one seems to somehow get away?).

Who knew that creativity that could be generated when a bunch of tired parents who are sick of doing laundry get together and share holiday ideas that make their life easier. BRB...we're trying to hunt down green laundry basket of all different sizes.

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