Psychologist Warns Christmas Music Could Be Bad For Your Mental Health

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It's time to embrace it whether you are ready for it or not: Christmas music is playing everywhere. It almost seems like you can't even visit the grocery store without hearing the sounds of "Rockin' Around The Chrismtas Tree" or "Jingle Bells" playing. Even though studies have shown that decorating early for Christmas can be good for your overall health, however, psychologists are  actually warning us now that all that holiday music could potentially be bad for our mental health.

Linda Blair, who is a clinical psychologist and columnist for the British newspaper The Telegraph, told Digital Music News that the continuous loops of Christmas tunes that plays everywhere we go during the holiday season actually has an adverse effect. Instead of making us happy and excited, like it's supposed to, she feels that it is instead a reminder of all the stress that the holidays bring. 

"You’re simply spending all of your energy trying not to hear what you’re hearing," Blair explains.

We can feel that, too. As kids, the holidays are pure magic. A huge part of that is probably because you don't really have to worry about much more than if you're getting coal or presents underneath the Christmas tree. Then whenever you become the parent, all of that turns to stress, as you're running around to make sure everyone's holiday dreams come true. We finally get to indulge in all that magic once the present opening begins, but yes, it's totally stressful up until that point.

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But then, whenever all this holiday music is kind of hard to escape, how to overcome these issues?

Blair has a very simple solution for this, which is to just stop playing all those holiday tunes so early. Well, duh.

Look at this way: if you look at the calendar, compared to last year, we have one less week between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Due to this, retailers are working on major crunch time to try to hit numbers that are comparable to last year or better. Basically this means that the holidays are so much more in our face when out and about, in our mailbox, and on television than they were last year. Since the sales started earlier, that meant that the holiday tunes were pumping earlier, too.

We say that if you want to control your holiday music intake, shop online - you might even find some better deals without even leaving your home.

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