10 Christmas-Inspired Baby Names

Choosing a baby name can be tough, especially these days what with more people, more choice and more names to avoid. Having a baby at Christmas can be even tougher, not to mention tough for those who are also born at Christmas. However, one good thing about having a baby at Christmas is the choice of names that are available.

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Yes, some people might cringe at the thought of following the Christmas theme of naming your child something Christmassy, but overall, it is actually kind of cute. Think about it? There are so many beautiful names that can only really be used around Christmas time, thus making your baby unique. So, here are 10 Christmas-inspired baby names.

10 December

Why not go with the obvious and name your child, December? Yes, baby's named after months have been common for some time, with May, June, and August the usual big contenders. However, recently, wintry months have started becoming popular, with names such as January and April doubling in numbers.

Surprisingly, December is not as popular as you might think and has been ignored in favor of more Christmassy names such as Joseph or Mary. So, why not think outside of the box this Christmas and name your kid the most Christmassy name imaginable?

9 Ivy 

The name Ivy originally comes from England and was first derived from the traditional ivy plant. Furthermore, botanical baby names are popular choices and have been for some time, therefore it is no surprise to see that Ivy has dipped in and out of popularity over the years.

However, Ivy is most common around December, with many expecting parents connecting the name to Christmas and winter. Nowadays, the name is once again back in favor and has been on the rise since 2010. In fact, Ivy places in the 100 girls' names in both the USA and the UK.

8 Joy

Joy a popular girls name all through the year, however, during the festive period, the name rises dramatically with its associations to Christmas. The name comes from the meaning "joy" as happy and joyful. It is said that the name is a shortened version of the longer Latin version, Joyce, with Joy now much more common than its predecessor.

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Over the years, the name has dipped in and out of popularity but has always been steady over Christmas. The last surge was during the late 1970s, so why not help Joy come back into fashion this Christmas?

7 Gabriel

The name Gabriel has been prominent throughout history, mostly due to its religious connotations. As a result, the name is a strong and powerful name, with the feminine version, Gabriella exactly the same. Gabriel first originated in Hebrew, meaning "man of God" and "God is my strong man".

The name became even more famous when it was made popular by its association to the Biblical angel, Gabriel. These days, the name is rarely used religiously and is chosen more on the sound and Christmas element. In fact, in 2018, Gabriel was the 35th most popular boy's name in the USA.

6 Nicholas 

Nicholas first originated in Greek, meaning "people of victory" and has been popular ever since. Yes, the name, often shortened to Nick, has been commonplace as a first name in western Europe, the USA, and Australia. The name has a number of connotations connected to it, but it is the Christmas connection that remains the most favorable.

The rumor goes that St. Nicholas, the patron saint of schoolchildren, was known to bring a bag of toys to children every year. Merge that into popular culture and you've got yourself, Father Christmas. What's better than naming your child after Santa Claus himself?

5 Robin

Robin was originally a nickname for the masculine name Robert. However, these days, the name Robin gender-neutral and is used for both boys and girls, although it is still mostly used as a masculine name. In fact, in 2014, a whopping 88% of Robins were boys.

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The name is also cool because it has a number of spelling variations, from Robin, Robyn, Robine, Robynne, and even Robyne. The Christmas associations are usually connected to the little Christmas bird, the Robin. The Robin has long been attached to Christmas, mostly through religious connotations, although some people often compare Robin's little red jacket to that of Santa Claus.

4 Belle

Belle is one of those names that sounds popular but is also unique enough to be individual. Yes, the name was the 859th most popular girl's name in 2018 making it not that common but also not strangely rare. Belle first came from the French meaning of beautiful and has a number of connotations attached to it.

For instance, there are many phrases that incorporate the name such as, "belle of the ball" and the American classic, "Southern Belle". In fact, in what is probably the most southern movie ever made, Gone With the Wind, one of the main characters is named Belle Watling.

3 Eve

The name Eve has been around for years and years. Firstly, the name Eve is considered to be the name of the first woman on earth, depending on what you believe, of course. The name first came from the Latin name Eva, which originated from the Hebrew word Chavah or Havah meaning to breathe, to live or to give life.

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Due to its religious connotations which also connect to the Christmas element, the name can be very popular for little ones who are born over Christmas. Plus, in many countries, December 24th is Christmas Eve, signaling the day before Christmas day on the 25th.

2 Noel

Noel is probably the most famous festive name of all time and has continued to be popular throughout history. The name first originated in France and funnily enough meant Christmas. After a few years, Noel made its way into American and English popular culture, but this time as a first name and not to celebrate the national holiday.

The name has two versions, the masculine Noel, and the just as common, feminine name of Noelle. However, Noel is sometimes used for women too. In many countries, the word Noel still means Christmas, therefore there are people all over the world basically named, Christmas. Now that's Christmassy.

1 Christmas

Let's face it, there is nothing more Christmassy than naming your child Christmas, that's for sure. Believe it or not, the name Christmas is actually a somewhat popular name, although it usually only used as a surname.

However, there are some people named Christmas in the world, both boys and girls, which is then shortened to Chris. Yes, Christmas is also considered to be gender-neutral and has been attributed to both men and women in the past. So, why not celebrate Christmas, even more, this year by naming your child after the famed festive holiday.

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