10 Christmas Hacks For New Moms

It’s the most wonderful time of the year; Christmas has made its way back around once again. Parents everywhere are bustling about attempting to get things ready for that big special day that every kid looks forward to. New parents might find themselves swamped with things that they weren't really prepared for or expecting.

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They might be trying to think up ways to make the holiday less stressful and things that they can do to make it easier on both themselves and their family. Good news, new parents! There are a ton of hacks out there aimed specifically toward new parents for the Christmas holiday. Below we will go over ten hacks that are sure to make things easier this holiday.

10 Glass Ornament Window Hangings

Everyone knows that babies who are moving around tend to get into everything. This can make decorating for the holidays difficult especially when it comes to putting up the tree. You might consider just packing away your beloved glass ornaments and going with shatter proof ones, but we found the perfect way for you to get use out of them. Simply take a tension rod, some twine, and hook your glass ornaments to it to hang at the tops of your windows. This will take your decorating to a whole new level while still utilizing your favorite decor.

9 Footprint Ornament

This next Christmas Hack is the perfect way to create a keepsake that will have you remembering just how precious and small your baby was every Christmas. Simply take your babies foot and make a ceramic footprint that you can string a hook through for the tree. If you want to get more creative with this you could do both feet and hot glue them together to make “angel wings”. This is a relatively quick and easy thing to do and you can even buy a kit that contains everything that you will need to do so.

8 Keepsake Ball

Another popular thing that we found really cool for new moms to do would be creating a keepsake ball. To do this, all you need is to get a clear Ornament from your local craft store, make sure it's one with a wide enough opening that you can fit stuff inside of it. You’ll want to put the hat your baby in the hospital inside, your baby's hospital bracelet, and any other small things from the day they were born. Some people prefer to do a shadow box with these items, but we think it would be a great addition to any Christmas tree.

7 Utilize Those Baby Gates

We’re going to revisit the fact that babies get into everything! Christmas trees are not safe from those curious little hands. So, unless you want to keep fixing your tree or cleaning up broken ornaments, we suggest putting baby gates up around the tree.

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You could also get away with using a playpen for this as well. Not only will it keep baby from messing up the tree, but it will help keep your pets away too if you have them. This is a Christmas hack that we feel all parents should know about.

6 Shatterproof Ornaments

If a baby gate around the tree isn’t really an option for you, and your little one is going to have access to the decor then a good hack would be to buy shatterproof ornaments. Of course kids are amazing when it comes to breaking things, so they may still find a way, but this will help to ensure that they don’t up getting cut. Shatterproof ornaments are becoming more popular, for obvious reasons, and are a great option for any household with small children and pets. You may still have to keep putting them back on the tree though.

5 Set Up A Christmas Fund

Christmas can be very stressful when it comes to the financial side of things, especially when you are now buying for a baby that you didn't have the previous year. This is why it is a fantastic idea to set up a Christmas fund. We recommend doing this in January and deciding on amount that works best for you to put away in a savings account (or shoe box) until Christmas rolls around. You would be surprised at how far just five dollars a week will get you. You could also add to this by saving up any change you get throughout the year.

4 Make Use Of Gift Bags

This next Christmas hack is something that we feel would be a great choice for moms with babies especially. For babies and toddlers it can be really difficult to unwrap presents and they often times require an adult to help them.

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With gift bags however it would be much easier for them to get their present out without struggling too much. The same goes for gift boxes as well, and we all know how much fun babies and toddlers tend to have with boxes. This might also be a good way to avoid paper cuts, save time, and not take up a bunch of tape.

3 Take The Hassle Out Of Shopping

Everyone knows how stressful it can be to go shopping with kids, they want everything that they see and if they don’t get it then the whole store hears about it. This can be even worse during the holiday season, and if you are someone who can’t find a babysitter, then you risk your child seeing the presents that you are getting them as you shop. Which, of course, kind of takes the element of surprise away. If you are a new mom then know that shopping online for your little one is probably the best idea, and with new things like Cyber Monday, you can score some really awesome deals.

2 Family Dinners

Most families get together during the holidays, exchange gifts and of course, eat. Sitting down at a table and enjoying a nice meal with your family can be difficult though when you have a new baby. This is why it is probably a good idea to make sure that your feed your newborn baby for about half an hour before you know that you will be sitting down to eat with your family. Typically newborns will fall asleep shortly after eating, which means that you will be able to have enough time to sit down and enjoy a meal before your baby wakes up.

1 Wrapping Paper Fun

Little ones just love getting into things that they shouldn't. During the holidays this usually means interfering with previously wrapped presents and tearing down the Christmas decorations. One thing that we have found makes wrapping presents during the holidays easier is to make sure that you buy an extra roll of wrapping paper specifically for your little one. When you sit down to start wrapping you may find that your little one wants to “help”, give them an empty box and a roll of wrapping paper to occupy their time while you get things done.

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