10 Gifts Which Every Small Girl Will Love For Christmas

Girls are natural nurturers and love to express themselves through imaginative play. They also dream of being like Mommy, which means beaded necklaces, play heels, and their own mini kitchens. At the same time, they want what every lady wants – to be a princess, tiara, crown, tutu, wand and all.

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When choosing a gift for her for Christmas, you'll want to consider all of these natural desires she has, so that when she opens her gifts, everything she finds will be something after her own heart. Here are 10 things to consider buying for your princess this Christmas.

10 Her own mini kitchen

While you stew away in the kitchen over pots and pans and prepare the night’s feast, your daughter might want to get out her own pots and pans and join you, preparing something for her teddy bears for dinner.

Most stores stock different kitchen options and shopping around will allow you to find the perfect kitchen to suit your daughter’s age, temperament and cooking goals. For example, she might just want to use the kitchen stove for baking pretend cakes. In this instance, make sure you get her one with an oven door that actually opens. Or she might want to use it for neatly organizing her collection of plates and cups, and pots and pans. In which case you will want to ensure the cupboard doors open.

9 A crown and other dress-up clothes

With little girls, you can’t go wrong when it comes to getting them pretty dress-up clothes. They naturally want to look and feel beautiful and princess clothes will be a welcome present under the Christmas tree.

There is also an assortment of dress-up clothes available at toy stores, including the famous Disney princesses, among others. When she has opened the gift, you can even suggest she put it on for the day.

8 A microphone

A toy microphone which is bright pink or mauve and sparkly, and allows for real voice projection will make her feel like a pop star, and will be a valued Christmas surprise.

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Some toy microphones come along with a sing-a-long music track of sorts, which will encourage her to sing – in tune – to a background of music.

7 A surprise within a surprise

Children love surprises and there are a variety of dolls and toys which come packaged in such a way that the buyer doesn’t know what or ‘who’ is inside. This will add an extra surprise element to your gift.

There are dolls with packaging which must be unwrapped layer by layer, pass the parcel style, until you find who is inside. There are also other collector’s toys or character sets with opaque packaging so that you only know which toy you have bought on opening.

6 A mini keyboard

Music is a great way to bring out the best in your child. There are different keyboard options in-store perfectly suited to your child’s needs and temperament.

Some allow for chords to be played while others have inbuilt melodies which let the player press the different keys as they light up to produce the song. There are also different color and size options.

5 Lego

girls playing with lego
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Lego has some girly sets which come in girl-friendly colors, like pinks and mauves, and which have ‘friends’ as a theme, accommodating the priorities of a girl’s heart. Disney Princess Legos are also available, which will allow your daughter to thoughtfully recreate the world of the Little Mermaid, or Frozen, or Beauty and the Beast.

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There are also themes from different series and movies, such as the Flintstones. There are imaginative Lego worlds made of castles and mansions, and beach chalets, with mini sun chairs. As a rule of thumb, you can’t go wrong with Lego.

4 A playhouse

Playhouses can be expensive, so why not buy your daughter a tent which resembles a princess castle or house. These are relatively affordable and are easy to set up. They are suitable for most small girls and make an impressive addition to the presentation of presents on Christmas morning.

Set up the tent house or castle and place gifts inside and watch her face light up with delight on Christmas morning.

3 Make-your-own jewelry sets

Little girls love to be creative and stores accommodate for this by stocking a variety of creativity sets, including ones with beads, fake gems, and strings for making home-made jewelry.

There are options available for different ages, and most are easy to assemble, and teach your child fine motor skills while allowing them to be creative, and to have fun. Your daughter will love these and she might even end up making a special design for Mommy, giving you something special to look forward to in the days after Christmas.

2 A dolly pram, car chair or high chair

Most girls have a special doll that they carry around with them and who accompanies them to bed in the evening as a special, safe friend.

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However, not all of them have a high chair to sit the favorite doll in at dinner time, or a car chair to strap her in when going on long journeys or even a realistic pram which looks like the kind real mommies use. She will love these to spoil her special baby, just as you are spoiling her.

1 A shopping trolley, basket, and play groceries

Something about shopping grabs the hearts of ladies even when they are little ladies. Having an assortment of mini groceries to choose from, a shopping basket to carry around and a trolley to add to the mix will give her hours of endless play.

You might even enjoy pretending with her, if you’re a shopping mommy. Why not add a play till with some plastic coins and a plastic credit card to the mix? There are many mini shopper items available which you can buy for her, depending on her shopping personality and her age.

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