10 Ways Kids Can Help With Christmas Dinner

For Christmas, many families like to stay in and spend time together on this joyous holiday. Though you might not be inviting people over, you still want to make a special Christmas dinner for your family. If you have kids, they are probably going to want to be with you when you are in the kitchen working on the meal.

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Don’t just have them sitting around; get them involved in making the Christmas dinner they are going to eat. Getting your kids involved is not just for big kids; there are also task you can give to younger kids too. So keep reading to discover ten ways that your kids can help with Christmas dinner.

10 Making Desserts

You cannot have Christmas dinner without any desserts. One of the most popular types of desserts for this holiday are sugar cookies. So why not get your kids to make some sugar cookies for dessert. Your kids can sit at the table and decorate and cut out cookies while you are making the main dish. This lets your kids get involved and be out of the way while you are trying to make dinner. We know your little ones are going to love making different designs and decorating the cookies with frosting.

9 Let Them Make Appetizers

For Christmas dinner, it is nice to go all out for your family and make appetizers, the main meal, and dessert and having your kids make appetizers is a great way they can help out. The appetizers that you have them make do not need to be anything fancy, they can just be putting cheese and crackers on a plate, but even small tasks like that can make a big difference for your child and make them feel like they really helped out. Look for some little appetizers that your child can put together for Christmas dinner.

8 Creating Placemats

Having younger kids in the kitchen while you are trying to make a big meal might not be the best when you are running around. But you can still have your kids help out by making Christmas placemats for the table.

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You can buy packages at crafts stores that have placemats your kids can decorate or you can just pull out some construction paper for them with some markers. Either way, your kids can let their inspiration inspire them as they create their own placemats and placemats for you and your partner.

7 Setting The Table

If you are taking time to make a nice family dinner for Christmas we know that you are going to want to use your nicer dishes for the dish. And to make the meal even more special you might have even cleared off the dining room table so you don’t have to crowd around the kitchen table. Let your kids set the table for you to get them to participate in getting the meal ready. They can put out placemats, the silverware, cups, and any dishes that you have already made. This also gives you one less task to do while since they got the table ready.

6 Stirring Pots On The Stove

If your kids are old enough to be in the kitchen and left doing something without you having to supervise you can get them the task of stirring post of the stove. We know that many Christmas meals have side dishes that will need constant attention to make sure nothing burns at the bottom of the pan.

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Let your kids handle this while you move onto something else. Them helping out can even mean that your cooking time can get shortened. Get the kids to stir while you start another dish so you can enjoy your Christmas dinner.

5 Making The Salad

The first thing your family is going to eat for their Christmas dinner is a salad. Letting your child make the salad is a wonderful way to get them in the kitchen and helping you. Salads are easy to make since all your child is going to have to do is cut up some lettuces and veggies. Then they just need to mix it all together. Bot only can they prepare the salads they can also go around and put out the salad dresses that people like to use out on the table.

4 Mash The Potatoes

What is a holiday meal without mashed potatoes? After your potatoes are boiled letting your kids mash them is a perfect way to get them involved with the cooking. Let’s be honest anyway, mashing potatoes takes to long while you are trying to get other dishes prepared.

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This is a simple task that any child is going to love since it lets them use their muscles. But just be aware that you might have to mash them up a little more once your child says that they are done.

3 Making A Dish They Made Before

If your child has a special dish that they have made before and knows how to make with little supervision let them create it for Christmas dinner. This dish can be mac n cheese, roasted veggies or whatever they have mastered on their own. But letting them make a part of the dinner menu is going to make your child feel like they are really contributing to Christmas and let them feel good about themselves since people are enjoying their dish. Talk to your child before Christmas to see if they want to make their signature dish for the meal.

2 Cutting Veggies

Sometimes when you are in the kitchen you would love an extra hand to help you with things like cutting veggies since that can take up so much time. Get your child to do this task gives them something to do while you are focusing on taking dishes out and in the oven. This is also perfect since you do not have to stop and chop up veggies that you need when you are already mixing a dish together. Discuss knife safety with your child and then let them get to work on chopping up veggies.

1 Making Decorations For The Table

If you have younger kids that want to help out with Christmas dinner, but they are too little to be next to a hot stove or sharp knife let them make decorations for the table instead. They can make snowflakes and drawings that can be placed around the table for everyone to enjoy their artwork. Though this might seem like a small thing to them, be apart of making Christmas dinner this way can give them a sense of accomplishment. Get out some art supplies for your kids can enjoy making some decorations for their Christmas table.

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