Former Child Star Says Making Kids Famous Is 'Child Abuse'

Some kids desperately want to be stars, so much so that they'll go to any lengths to hit the big time. With the backing of mom and dad, no talent show goes unentered; no dance class is too far. But while it may look like the ones that make it have got it made for life, it's not always that simple. In fact, it can lead to a lot of problems further down the line. Now, former child star Christina Ricci has told The New York Post that you won't catch her four-year-old son following in mommy's footsteps any time soon. Why? Because making kids famous is tantamount to child abuse, says the Casper actress.

"I feel it's child abuse to make your child famous," details Ricci in the New York Fashion Week interview with The Post. Some may think it's a pretty strong view for the actress to have, considering her extensive work as a child star in movies like Mermaids alongside Cher, Winona Ryder, and the late Bob Hoskins. Ricci is still active in the industry and has previously called her childhood career "incredible," so why the sudden change of heart?

Ricci went on to detail that her son could pursue acting when he is able to make a fully-informed choice as an adult, but that she has firmly vetoed him from any film sets while he's a young child. "Being famous is not good for children," she elaborated to The Post. "We have a million examples of why it's not good for children. I'm just not going to risk it. Why would you put the most precious thing in your life up for that?"

While some child actors manage to grow into adulthood unscathed, there is an overwhelming number of individuals that have gone on to suffer very public falls from grace. Lindsay Lohan might be the most famous example, having gone from Hollywood hot property to the blacklist in just a short number of years thanks to issues with drugs and alcohol. Former child actress Amanda Bynes also suffered a highly-publicized mental breakdown a few years ago after starring consistently in TV and film for the majority of her adolescence.

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