Chrissy Teigen Shares Photo Of Her New Stretch Marks, Two Weeks After Baby No. 2

If there's one thing Chrissy Teigen is known for, it's her brutal honesty. That's what makes her one of our favorite celebrity moms. When so many moms use social media to only show the highlights, Chrissy's IDGAF attitude is refreshing. And she's especially good at letting it all hang out during her pregnancies. After giving birth to her son Miles a couple weeks ago, Chrissy has been open with her postpartum struggles. This week, she took to Instagram Stories to reveal a new series of stretch marks courtesy of her pregnancy with Miles.

In the picture, Chrissy reveals her bare hip, and you can see red lines. Those are definitely fresh stretch marks. But it makes sense; two weeks postpartum, your body is shrinking back from the stretching that happened during pregnancy. Stretch marks are unavoidable in this situation, especially around hips and the belly, which do most of the stretching while you're pregnant anyway.

"NO!" she exclaimed in mock horror. "I thought I did such a good job with my creams!" she adds, after placing a crying face emoji over the image.

chrissy teigen
Credit: Instagram / @chrissyteigen

There are a lot of creams out there that claim to alleviate stretch marks, or prevent them altogether. But the reality is, for some people, stretch marks are just a part of life, no matter how much cocoa butter they may rub onto themselves.

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Chrissy Teigen has also been very open in the past about her stretch marks. In January of 2017 she shared a picture of her thighs. Stretch marks line from her knee down. "Whatevs," the photo is captioned.

In another post, this time from Instagram, Chrissy snaps a pic of her lap in shorts. Although she is showing off her fresh bruises, you can also see stretch marks. The post was shared even before she was pregnant with her first child, daughter Luna, who's 2.

Bruises from bumping kitchen drawer handles for a week. Stretchies say hi!

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"Stretchies say hi!" she wrote cheekily. She probably knew that people would have something to say.

It's fun that Chrissy doesn't really take herself, or something as trivial as stretch marks very seriously. I mean, she's a person, and they're a part of life. Her stretch marks don't make her any less beautiful. If anything, we should all take a lesson from Chrissy Teigen, and take ourselves less seriously. Things like stretch marks don't make us any less beautiful.

They're just a part of who we are.

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