Chrissy Teigen Discovers The Struggles Of Eating Healthy When You Have Two Little Kids

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Chrissy Teigen is quickly learning the difference between having one and two young children! The supermodel and co-host of Lip Sync Battle recently welcomed her second child, son Miles Theodore Stephens with husband John Legend. The couple also share 2-year-old daughter Luna. Teigen, who is about to launch her second cookbook titled 'Cravings' loves to spend time doing some home cooking in the kitchen, calling it a "minor obsession."

Teigen is known for Instagramming pictures of mouth watering creations, but now that she's a mom of two she's discovering she doesn't have as much time to cook as she once did. The mom of two recently tweeted about the struggles of cooking healthy meals when you have two little children to care for, and mothers everywhere could relate.

Teigen, who welcomed son Miles on May 18th, took to Twitter to let her followers know that she 'gets it' now, about why many parents appreciate a slow cooker or Instant Pot meal.

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"I have never more understood the desire and need for short, simple meals. 1 kid, I was like "ok...easier would be nice but I got this" but 2 kids, holy shit fuck any recipe over 5 steps right now," the Twitter queen wrote.

Teigen also wrote about her discovery of the 'one pot' or 'sheet pan' meal. "I am fascinated by "sheet pan meals" right now," Teigen wrote. "Sides and main cooked on the same temp at the same time on the same pan. New York Times cooking has some of the best. This is tonight," she said before tweeting a picture of her chicken and chick pea dinner.

Busy parents everywhere have long appreciated the simplicity of the sheet pan meal, mostly because it requires less prep, less cleanup and the entire meal is ready at the same time. Slow cookers and crock pots are hugely popular with busy families for the same reason. For working parents or parents of young children, time in the kitchen is often a luxury they don't have, so sheet pan meals make life a bit simpler.

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The people at Motherly even discovered that in addition to the New York Times, you can search #sheetpandinner on Instagram if you're looking for some dinner inspiration of your own. Even celebrity chefs like Nigella Lawson are sharing their own sheet pan dinners.

The best part about sheet pan dinners is it is possible to cook a healthy, well rounded meal on one pan. With Teigen's time in the kitchen is a bit more limited thanks to newborn Miles, these meals make it possible to cover all the food groups.

Now that Teigen has discovered the sheet pan dinner, maybe that will be the inspiration for her next cookbook.

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