Chrissy Teigen Was Mom-Shamed After Posting A Video Of Her Son Miles

It wouldn't be a day without the mommy shamers coming out in droves. They sure know how to take something sweet and make people feel bad. No one knows that more than celebrity moms. Anytime they share pictures or videos of their children, the shamers come out in droves. Chrissy Teigen just posted a video of her son Miles walking, and while most of the comments were positive, there were the shamers.

"I have to block like 20-30 people every time I post my kids,"she commented on her own post. In the video, Chrissy, Miles, her mom Pepper and daughter Luna are in the bathroom. Chrissy isn't sitting far away from him, and her mother is literally right behind him when he takes off. Plus, his big sister Luna is there with open arms to catch him.

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Oh it is fuckin ON we are screwed

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Because they're in the bathroom, next to the bathtub, some commenters were "concerned" about Miles's safety should he fall. With three people right there to catch him, chances are he wasn't going to get hurt. Plus kids can bump their heads anywhere. Unless you wrap them in bubble wrap, there's no avoiding it.

"So many dummies. Is someone forcing you at gunpoint to be annoying," she adds.

Miles is clearly ready to go, pumping himself up a bit before he takes off. Of course, his steps are wobbly, the guy is just starting to walk. But he gets in a solid four steps or so before he drops to the ground. Everyone erupts into cheers and claps, including Miles, who should definitely be proud of himself! He did a really good job considering Chrissy posted a video last week of him only being able to take a couple steps.

"Oh it is f***ing ON we are screwed," Teigen captioned the post. 

Many of the comments were encouraging thankfully.

"I need to start being my own personal cheerleader like miles," reads one comment.

"Cant wrap em in bubble wrap, nothing I could do but people look at me like I don’t take care of my baby. F the judgers!" reads another comment from a mom whose little one fell while learning to walk and ended up in a cast by no one's fault.

One of the best comments comes from Miles's dad, John Legend. His comment is simply a shocked emoji. Hopefully he's ready to run after his little guy.

We're glad Chrissy has her own way of dealing with her mommy trolls. We'd hate to see less content of her kids because some people can't keep their opinions to themselves.

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