Chrissy Teigen Felt 'Embarrassed' By PPD Because Of Her Happy Life

Chrissy Teigen is the celebrity mom we all need right now. Not only is she whip-smart on her social media, delivering funny thoughts, snappy comebacks and the most adorable pictures of her two children, but she has endeared herself to an entire generation of mothers by being open and honest about pregnancy, childbirth, and motherhood.

While Teigen has long been a favorite of mothers everywhere for her candid take on becoming a mom, it was when she decided to open up about her struggles with postpartum depression that many were really able to relate to her on a personal level.  “I felt bad [about it]because we had so many resources. John was great and helpful. My mom was here… I was embarrassed,” she told Net-A-Porter in an interview about suffering from the sometimes debilitating illness.

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Teigen explained that she experienced symptoms such as loss of energy and appetite, unexplained aches and pains and she often found herself sleeping on the couch explaining that she now manages her symptoms with medication. Teigen has since partnered with Allegheny Health Network (AHN) to help launch the #MyWishForMoms initiative "to help end the stigma of Postpartum Depression and Anxiety." May is Maternal Mental Health Month and Teigen hopes that sharing her own experiences, and encouraging others to share theirs, will help end the stigma surrounding PPD.

As part of the initiative, Teigen filmed a series of clips where she discussed her experience with another mom who had also experienced PPD. "I knew things were really bad when I started keeping clothes in the pantry because I wasn't going up to bed," she explained. "The mere thought of going up, changing for bed, and then getting dressed again and coming downstairs the next day was just painful to me. So I just started sleeping on the couch for a couple of months — and John slept with me every night — I would keep a stack of clothes in the pantry, the same clothes I was pregnant in. I was just like, 'Screw it.' I basically lived on the first floor of my house forever."

"My wish for moms is that they know they aren't alone, and they are supported by the more than 500,000 women who share their experience each year," Chrissy said in a press release. "Imagine if we can get as many people talking about postpartum depression and anxiety as those experiencing it, and let them know help is available."

According to AHN, 500,000 women per year experience PPD, yet only 15% receive treatment, which is why Teigen was so eager to lend her voice to the cause. "When I was approached with this opportunity – to help be the voice for women experiencing postpartum depression and anxiety – I thought, ‘this is perfect!’. I’m grateful to be able to use the platform that I’ve been given to reduce the stigma that many women feel when talking about these very real and treatable conditions,” said Teigen. “I wish I had known that postpartum depression can happen to anyone because I didn’t think it could happen to me. Here I was, with my perfect little Luna and a supportive husband, yet I was truly struggling."

As part of the initiative, Teigen has asked for other women who have had to deal with PPD to openly discuss their experiences to end the stigma and encourage any woman suffering to get help. You can follow the #MyWishForMoms hashtag on Instagram to contribute to the conversation.

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