This Real Moment Between Chrissy Teigen And Her Kids Will Make Moms Say 'Same'

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There's a common saying that parents hear when they're getting ready to expand their family beyond a single child, and that is, One is one and two is twenty. Meaning that one child feels like having one child, but once you add a second, it feels as though you're caring for an entire army of kids.

Juggling children is overwhelming. You want to provide a newborn with the same amount of attention and love you gave your oldest at that tender age, while still remaining completely present in your toddler's life. Forget work-life balance, you just want kid-kid balance.

Chrissy Teigen revealed how she's trying to make it work with an absolutely adorable Instagram post. In the snapshot she's sitting in the sand in sweats and a messy bun sans makeup. She has her newborn son Miles close to her chest in a Moby carrier while her daughter Luna stands nearby surrounded by sand toys.

"Guess we're really doing this kid thing," she captions the snap.

guess we’re really doing this kid thing!

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Indeed she is, along with hubby John Legend, who may or may not have been the one capturing that sweet, sandy moment.

Chrissy's legion of social media followers (many of whom are also moms) applauded the 32-year-old model for posting the candid photo, loving the way in which she keeps it real about motherhood.

"You and your family = goals. Love u guys," posted a fan.

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Others were quick to point out how absolutely stunning Chrissy looks messy and makeup-free. We have to agree. The mom of two glows in the photo. Someone get this family a frame for this picture -- it's a keeper.

It's a nice, positive moment for Chrissy on social media. While the outspoken mama always tries to keep it real, trolls love to mom shame for every tiny "offense" they can find. Like that time they accused her of putting Luna in danger for the way they slid down a playground slide together. Or just last month when a few folks lost their minds because Chrissy, wait for it, cooked up a pot of red wine-braised short ribs and they were worried she was feeding Luna vino. For the record, the alcohol content in wine cooks off during the braising process.

We're looking forward to more beachy moments from the Teigen-Legend family...and the smart, sassy ones, too.

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