Lifetime Announces They're Making A Movie About Chris Watts Murders

Lifetime has just announced that it will be making a movie about Chris Watts one year after he murdered his family. After a pregnant Shanann Watts and the couple's daughters, Bella and Celeste were reported missing by Watts, he publicly pleaded for their safe return. Eventually, Watts, whom it was discovered was having an affair with a co-worker, admitted to strangling his wife before burying her in a shallow grave, and smothering his two daughters before placing their bodies in an oil tank.

The Lifetime movie, tentatively titled, The Chris Watts Story, will be based on real-life events and taped confessionals, PEOPLE Magazine reports, as they try to uncover what made the family man resort to murder his entire family.

Much of the movie has already been cast, with Sean Kleier landing the role of Chris, while Ashley Williams will portray his late wife  Shanann. Brooke Smith will portray FBI agent Tammy Lee and the film will be produced by Sony Pictures Television.

The details of Watts' crime were so horrific that many can't understand why Lifetime would choose to make a movie about him. Many called out the network on Twitter after they announced the making of the movie.

"This is disgusting and shameful," wrote one commenter. "This is gross. You are glorifying a man that MURDERED his family. I will no longer support you," wrote another.

The announcement comes shortly after Shanann's family made a public plea for the cyberbullying and online harassment the family has faced since their devastating loss to end.

Watts has been making headlines a lot lately after HLN debuted their special: Killer Dad: Chris Watts Speaks. The special featured Watts' mother Cindy reading a letter from her son stating he was a "changed man." It also aired interviews with two women who visit Watts regularly who state he is "truly remorseful" for what he'd done.

Before finally admitting to the murders he initially tried to convince authorities that he only strangled his pregnant wife after he watched her strangle three-year-old Celeste. Chris Watts was sentenced to three consecutive life sentences and two more concurrent life sentences as well as three 12-year sentences for separate accounts of tampering with a deceased human body.

The Lifetime movie is set to premiere in 2020, and according to CheatSheet, as part of its Stop Violence Against Women campaign, a PSA will air after the movie directing people to resources on domestic abuse and will display crisis hotlines.

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