Chris Watts Is 'Tormented By His Past' In Prison

It seems hard to believe but it's been a year since Chris Watts did the unthinkable and murdered his pregnant wife and the couple's two daughters. Shanann Watts and the couple's two children, Bella and Celeste, were reported missing by Watts just over a year ago. Watts portrayed himself as a distraught husband and father, publicly pleading for the safe return of his family before the truth was finally discovered.

Watts eventually pleaded guilty to strangling his wife, who was 15 weeks pregnant with their son, before smothering his two daughters on August 13, 2018, but not before first telling police that he only killed Shanann after he watched her strangling 3-year-old Celeste. Watts is currently serving five consecutive life sentences in prison for his crimes, and now a source close to the is stating that he is regretful of what he's done.

A source that is familiar with Watts spoke to PEOPLE and stated that Watts is taking responsibility for what he's done. "He has nothing to do but think," the source said of Watts' time in prison. "He thinks about what he did every day. He is tormented by his past and the mistakes he made."

The source went on to add that, "He’s left alone with his thoughts for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Every day. Birthdays. Holidays. Special occasions. He’s there in jail, in his cell, thinking about what happened. He’s in his own private hell."

Watts had strangled his wife at their home and then transported her body in the back of his truck to an oil site, with his 3 and 4-year-old daughters in the back seat. After burying Shanann in a shallow grave, he then smothered Celeste and placed her body in an oil tanker before returning to the truck to smother Bella.

In his confession, he stated that Bella begged for her life before he smothered her. "I hear it every day when Bella was talking to me," Watts told the police during his confession. "When she said, ‘Daddy, no!'"

While Watts has been in the headlines almost non-stop since the murders, the family of Shanann Watts recently asked for a stop to the cyberbullying and harassment his family has endured since the murders. He hopes that those who feel the need to speak about or report on the case simply stick to the facts and leave his family alone to process their own grief.

Chris Watts was sentenced to three consecutive life sentences and two more concurrent life sentences as well as three 12-year sentences for separate accounts of tampering with a deceased human body.

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