Parents Design An App To Get Kids To Do Their Chores

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Parents have designed a new app that delegates chores to their children, and pays them for completion.

Chore charts have been plastered across refrigerators for generations. A chore chart lists a child's chores for each day, week, or month. Children complete their chores, check them off, and often receive an allowance once it is all done. Traditional chore charts have a few issues though.

First of all, whenever the chore chart is filled up, it needs to rewritten or reprinted. Some families use a dry erase system, but it can be difficult to erase the checkmarks while leaving the chore list pristine. Sure, you can write the chores with a sharpie, but what happens if you want to make an edit? Again, you are stuck starting all over.

Cumbersome rewriting and reposting is not the only issue with traditional posted chore charts. How can busy parents confirm that their children have really completed all of the chores, to an appropriate standard? Either they simply trust their children, who are not known for holding themselves to the highest standards (let's be real, kids want to get the job over with the minimum effort required of them) or they have to check themselves. Constantly needing to look through every area to see if chores have been done well is exhausting, and parents are tempted to just skip checking.

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North Carolina parents, Christine and Peter Robicheau, have developed an app to address these issues. The chore list can be edited directly in the app at any time. Both the parents and the kids can view it on their devices. Kids can see what their parents assign to them, and check off jobs as they complete them.

As for the issue of accountability, kids are able to upload before and after photos directly to the app so parents can check their work effortlessly. Once parents approve, they can issue payments through the app via direct deposit. We love this app!

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