9 Chores For Kids That Will Help Them Become Responsible Adults

One of the best things about having kids is the fact that they can help around the house. Sadly, it takes a while before they can start doing useful and actually helpful things, but as soon as they hit that age where they are capable of holding a vacuum, motherhood is truly at its best.

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All jokes aside, there are certain skills that can really help your kid's skillset. In fact, a large number of chores are great for preparing your kids for the real world as well as teaching them a thing or two about life. Here are 10 chores that will help kids develop certain skills.

9 Making The Bed

Making the bed is one of the first chores a child can learn, mostly due to the fact that it can be completed at a young age. However, although it might be easy, it is still a great starting point for little ones, with making their own bed offering them a chance to be responsible for themselves.

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Firstly, they are in charge of their own bedmaking. Therefore, it is up to them to complete it every day. Children often crave responsibility from an early age, so making their own bed works great as a first chore to start them off.

8 Keeping Their Room Tidy

From the get-go, or at least until they have their own room, children should be encouraged to keep their bedroom clean and tidy. This includes making their bed, putting their toys away, hanging their clothes up, and any other variety of tasks that can be done in their bedrooms. Obviously, the amount of tasks depends on their age, but it should be heavily emphasized just how important it is to keep their bedroom clean. Not only will this help with their motor skills but it will also test their judgment and decision making. Think about it? Most children have no idea when it comes to looking after a house and lack judgment when it comes to cleaning and putting things away.

7 Doing The Dishes

Doing the dishes, or loading and unloading the dishwater, is a great chore for young kids as well as older children, plus it is something that can be done every day and something that can be rewarded. Furthermore, doing the dishes teaches your kids how to clean up after themselves, something that will be greatly appreciated once they move out and live with other people. Doing the dishes teaches kids how to appreciate others and viewing the world from another persons' perspective. Children are not born with these traits so it is important to instill them as soon as you can.

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However, the best thing about this chore is that you don't have to do it! Everybody knows that after slaving away at the stove, the last thing you want to do is clean up, so why not get your children to do it?

6 Doing Laundry

Laundry chores can be a step by step process and something that can be introduced when your kids are quite young. Firstly, once your kids are old enough, instruct them to leave their dirty laundry in the laundry basket and not on the floor or under the bed. When they get a bit older, introduce them to the wonders of the washing machine, with assistance, of course, and encourage them to do their own laundry. As they get a little bit older, have them do their own laundry, their own drying (whether it be in a dryer or hung out to dry) and then get them to iron and fold their clothes as well as hanging them up in their closet. Interestingly, getting them doing their own laundry can also benefit their thinking skills. Laundry can often be somewhat scientific, what with having to make sure you separate the colors and being careful of the fabric and materials, it is something that children need to be aware of.

5 Vacuuming 

Vacuuming has to be one of the easiest chores when it comes to housework, and can actually be kind of satisfying. It is probably wise you make sure your kids are old enough before introducing them to the vacuum, but, once they are at the right age, vacuuming can be a great way for your kids to earn cash or rewards. Furthermore, vacuuming can teach your kids how to contribute to the household and more importantly to the family. Children are not born wanting to help, therefore it is important to get that message across early.

However, just make sure you keep an eagle eye on what they are doing, as vacuuming can also be pretty easy to slack on, especially if you have teenagers.

4 Mowing The Lawn

One of the best things about making your kids do chores is the fact that it can build up work ethic and determination. However, while youngsters might be more eager to take on more responsibility and help you around the house, teenagers tend to avoid doing anything at all costs. Yes, teenagers aren't the biggest fans of doing chores, especially ones that involve any kind of cleaning, so why not introduce them to something a little different. Mowing the lawn can be a great challenge for teenagers as it shows that you trust them with the ability to get the job done. Plus, mowing a lawn is a skill in itself, and can be a good way to introduce machinery into your kid's life. Teenagers might act like they don't care, but this kind of trust can really go a long way.

3 Set Placemats 

Setting placemats can be a great way to step up the chore game to your little ones, especially if they have just been concentrating on making the bed or picking up their toys. Explain to your children that setting the table is a very important and grown-up job and without placemats, you wouldn't be able to eat. Not only will this instill a little bit of responsibility into their lives but it will also make them feel like they are contributing to the household. This will also prepare them for the next set of chores which they will now come to expect.

2 Grocery Shopping

Grocery shopping can be introduced to your kids at any age. When they are little you can give them the responsibility of finding certain items and asking their opinion on certain things. Plus, if they want a treat, you can set them a task in the grocery store that can help them earn the reward.

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However, once they get a little older, grocery shopping can be a great way to get your kids out of the house and to learn to do things by themselves. Not only is this good for their confidence, but it can also prepare them for the big wide world ahead. Self-confidence is a great skill for a child to have, especially when other people depend on you to get the job done.

1 Help With Meal Preparation 

It can be difficult to figure out when your kids are the right age for the kitchen. However, having them help out when it comes to meal preparation can be a good experience for both of you, as well as acting as a good indicator to see if they are ready. Thankfully, children will show you early on if they are interested in cooking or not. Therefore, once they do, try to nurture that curiosity into a way of having them help you out in the kitchen (supervised of course) Furthermore, having your kids help out in the kitchen can also help develop math skills. Cooking isn't all about setting things on fire, with measurements and mixing ingredients a staple part of the job. On the other hand, if they aren't interested, there is no point in forcing them to cook, as you will only end up with badly cooked food and a surly teenager, and nobody wants that.

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