How To Choose The Right Back-To-School Backpack

Now that back-to-school season is upon us, parents and their children are lining up at retail stores or ordering all of their school supplies for the upcoming year online. But with all of the fancy trends, styles, and gadgets and gears, not everything is one-size fits all, especially when it comes to backpacks. As a matter of fact, experts are urging parents to keep in mind a few practical considerations while shopping for this most essential back-to-school item.

As many parents know, cute and trendy backpacks are adorable, but they are not always reliable. If you are willing to spend a pretty penny on a backpack, you want to make sure that it will at least last throughout the entire school year for your child. After all, it will hold the bulk of the weight that your child will be taking home with him or her everyday: from their supplies, books, lunch, and their projects.

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Even if your child is set on getting a certain color or certain design on their backpack, give it a test run before the first day of school. Inspect the quality to see how comfortably it holds and see if all the zippers are functioning correctly. In addition, flip the pack inside out and look for a finished seam. It shouldn’t have any frayed edges or fuzz.

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According to Parents.com, the straps are perhaps the most important element of your child’s backpack. Inspect the straps and make sure your child’s backpack comes with a pair of wide, padded shoulder straps to help distribute weight evenly and reduce the risk of muscle strain or injury. The last thing you want is for your child’s posture to suffer because of a backpack that is putting too much strain on his or her shoulders. If possible, avoid narrow straps and one-strap messenger bags as they put too much pressure on a small area of the body.

You also want to “pinch the padding,” meaning you want to check your child’s backpack for comfort, support, and durability. It’s also important that a backpack can easily fit at least three binders and other classroom essentials, and extra materials. And if all possible, opt for wheels. Always look for a sturdy, easy-to-extend handle.

Best of luck!

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