10 Choices Which Will Change Your Experience of Motherhood

Motherhood is full of choices. Some of these are easy. Others, not so. If you are like most moms, you probably want to put your best foot forward as ‘Mom’ each day. This can be easier said than done.

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However, it is possible if you make the right choices. Here are 10 choices which if implemented with a whole heart can literally change your experience of motherhood.

10 To begin a fitness program

Motherhood is not for sissies. There’s a lot of physical activity involved. People don’t tell you that from the outset. They don’t tell you that if you are mom to a boy you might need to learn new stuff, like basketball skills and batting.

Or that you might find yourself running around the garden with running shoes on, working up a sweat. Now if you get fit and ready for motherhood, you will handle it better. You will be able to give just that much extra next time you bowl or bat, or dance in the living room with your little one.

9 To eat healthily

There’s the expression, ‘You are what you eat’. If you are feeling like you are turning into a burger or frazzled cup of coffee, maybe you are consuming too many of these and need to take a step back and reconsider your choice of daily nutrition.

Yes, yes, motherhood is accompanied by many stresses and you probably have your food and drink crutches, but consider that a balanced, nutritional diet will stand you in good stead for parenting and help you to be less stressed, from the inside out.

8 Waking up an hour earlier

Choosing to wake up an hour earlier each day can be the best decision you will ever make. This ‘golden hour’ belongs to you and can be used as a time to plan, dream and prepare. You can even determine to watch the sun rise each morning, or sit in prayer or meditation, considering the day ahead and putting yourself into the right frame of mind for all of the action.

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Or you can use the hour to invest in a gift or talent you have, or simply to read. It’s the golden hour when everything is possible.

7 To use a diary

Not every mom is a natural planner. Most of us fall out of bed (if we haven’t been yanked out of bed by a little one already), and begin our day with a big cup of coffee. It really doesn’t need to be that way. Why not choose to use a diary and daily/weekly planner.

This will take conscious effort but it’s worth it. You will be more centered and relaxed, and you will start to see daily and weekly goals accomplished. That 'Super Mom’ in you is ready to rise, and it all begins with a plan!

6 To sing a bit more

Okay so you don’t have to be Taylor Swift or Britney Spears to sing while you do your daily chores and run around the show, as ‘busy mommy’ but having a soundtrack to your day, and a joyful one at that, will make it just that much more tolerable and exciting.

If you have watched the movie, Sing, you would have seen the mommy pig character who discovered she had a phenomenal voice, training her voice while mopping the kitchen and cooking the dinner. Who knows… that dream might just be within your reach!

5 To schedule in a week girly date

Lady gatherings, at which you can discuss mom stuff with your peers, are invaluable. Just because you might feel like a frump or a grump doesn’t mean you have to mope around the house and hang with bent shoulders over a broom.

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Get out there and spend time with positive, supportive girl friends, who can encourage you in your walk as a mom.

4 To say no to sugar

This one is a toughie. Which mom can do it? Apparently many do. Why not be one of those moms who successfully says good-bye to fizzy drinks and biscuits and chooses healthier snacks.

This is not about dieting. It’s not about fitting in your teenage denims. Rather, it’s about being your healthiest self. Your little one needs you to be alive and active. Opt for honey and natural sweetener instead.

3 To pick your battles wisely

Not every battle in your household has to be won – by you. You might be right, but sometimes being humble and choosing to let things go is the better option. How many times this past week have you gotten angry for something which you were right about… however, in the angry skirmish, you left feeling like a wounded soldier and realized the anger wasn’t worth it.

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Do you really have to fight with your child because their clothes are slightly mismatched? Choosing which battles to pick and which to let go of will make you a happier mom.

2 To have daily ‘me’ time

Remembering that ‘little girl’ in you and what she loved to do and then scheduling 20 to 30 minutes into each day for her, to do something she loves will make you a better mom. Your child needs your attention and your assistance.

However, they also need you to be mindful of your dreams and needs because a happy, strong mom is a better mom. Valuing yourself will teach your child that they are valuable too. It just works that way.

1 A weekly or monthly date

If you are married, scheduling a weekly or monthly date with your spouse will make all the difference in your togetherness. It will help to keep the romance alive and will also keep you focused ‘between dates’.

You get to be that excited teenager or 20-something-year-old again, planning what you will wear, how you can look after yourself to best impress your man. It’s okay to ask someone to babysit every now and again.

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