Ex-Google Executive Vindicates Working Mom Who Thinks She's 'Too Into Her Kids'

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One ex-Google exec is speaking out about her role as a mother, and how she’s not ashamed to say that her passion is parenting. In fact, she is trying to destigmitize the notion that parents shouldn't be dedicated to their children the same way they are to their careers or marriage, or outside hobbies.

According to Working Mother, Chloé Koos, who is currently the head of HR analytics at a financial services company called Pictet Group, says that she’s no longer ashamed to tell people that her passion is her kids. In a LinkedIn post, Chloé said that nothing gives her more hope and joy than coming home and seeing her two children. While other people would list several different hobbies, sports, or extra curricular activities as their passions, she says it’s her family that she wants to spend the most time with.

Her “aha” moment came though when former SVP of People Operations at Google, Laszlo Bock, admitted that his passion was indeed his own kids. Chloé thought about his words, and that’s when she reminded herself that it’s OK to care more about your children than your job. She was also honest in admitting that the pressure of being a good mom and hiding it was for the benefit of being an even better business woman.

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Chloé writes, “Nothing in my life has given me such shivers than watching their neural network grow and experiencing the intensity of the emotions transmitted by a simple 'I love you mommy.' Yet, here I am sitting at this fair next to this non-father consultant who can sacrifice 18 hours of his day to his career, feeling like a desperate working mom, probably 'too much into my kids' to have a 'meaningful' career one day.”

Chloé's note caught the attention of thousands of working moms all across the country who feel the same way she does, but just don’t know how to put it in the right words. After all, many moms find themselves trying to balance their work lives with their personal lives at home. And as plenty of working parents can tell you, it’s not always easy. Dedicating too many hours to your job means less time spent with your children and vice versa.

Thankfully, at least one dad echoed Chloé's sentiments – Laszlo Bock himself. He later told Chloé that he’s always told his teams the same thing he tells his company today – family first. He added that the biggest gift we can give the future is “raising good people.”

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