These Chinoiserie-Inspired Pumpkins Are A Gorgeous Take On Halloween Decor

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Every year at this time, it's pretty exciting to see all the home decor that people come up with in celebration, as well as how all the houses are decorated in our neighborhoods. Some people are just so incredibly crafty and creative, sharing with the world their traditional holiday decor - sometimes with pretty magical twists. The latest trend rocking the Internet is chinoiserie inspired pumpkins and you're probably going to want to have them all over your home.

Truth: there’s pretty much no pumpkin-decorating trend that is classier or chicer than chinoiserie. What exactly is this chinoiserie method we're raving about? It is simply a classic style of design where Chinese-inspired motifs and techniques are used in Western art. Pretty interesting. It's rise to fame was in the 17th and 18th centuries, when European nobles became obsessed with these Asian motifs and wanted to use them in their own fashion, art and architecture.

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The traditional color story for the chinoiserie design is blue and white, so you can imagine that creating these gorgeous pieces of artwork take time whenever you're working on an orange pumpkin as your palette. But people are doing it everywhere and the outcome is nothing short of spectacular. Check out the #chinoiseriepumpkins hashtag on Instagram and watch your feed come to life.

If you consider yourself an ultimate do-it-yourselfer, then creating one yourself isn't as difficult as it may seem. You need to start with white pumpkins or paint your orange pumpkins white to start - which might take a few coasts if you're starting with the later. If you choose to go with artificial pumpkins, then you can keep these treasured pieces of decor for years to come.

Most people are then buying chinoiserie stencils at their local craft stores, painting them with a vibrant blue paint and then decoupaging the design after it has dried - or simply brushing with Elmer's glue to keep your hard work locked in place.

And in all honesty, if you just have too much going on or aren't the crafty type, doing a quick search on Etsy will reveal so many beautiful chinoiserie pumpkins or your choosing to fill your home with as much blue and white instead of black and orange this holiday season.

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