Why Our Children Are More Entitled Than Ever Before

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It’s something that we’ve all thought about, but just didn’t want to say it out loud: are children are growing up to be more entitled than ever before. And yes, it’s a growing concern among many parents and even mental health professionals who think moms and dads need to stop saying “yes,” and start saying “no” more often.

According to Victoria Prooday, Occupational Therapist, speaker, blogger and founder a multidisciplinary clinic for children who spoke with Your Modern Family, she says that there are more that are acting entitled, lonely and sad and it has had a profound impact on their mental health. She says that children who learn responsibility and discipline and are given goals to achieve turn out to be much happier kids than their "spoiled" counterparts, so to speak.

Prooday explains, “What good are we doing them by giving them what they WANT when we know that it is not GOOD for them? Without proper nutrition and a good night’s sleep, our kids come to school irritable, anxious, and inattentive. In addition, we send them the wrong message. They learn they can do what they want and not do what they don’t want."

In other words, it might be very easy to give a child what he or she wants at any given time, but you might be doing them more harm than good. You can still be a good and loving parent by showing your child love, but also setting certain rules and regulations at home. Just because a child wants something, doesn’t always mean that they should get it.

Prooday adds, “The concept of ‘need to do’ is absent. Unfortunately, in order to achieve our goals in our lives, we have to do what’s necessary, which may not always be what we want to do.”

So, what is a parent to do in order to raise a child that doesn’t turn out to be entitled?

There are several different ways. First and foremost, avoid excess, as it leads to unrealistic expectations. Keep in mind that hardship builds character. Also, encourage good citizenship at home and in the community and never reward bad behavior. Give our child chores to do at home and an allowance if it fits your budget.

Remember to teach your child how to give, spend, and save, while also making them learn how to wait. After all, patience is one of the most wonderful virtues in life.

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