Mom's Childproofing Hack For Covering A Power Outlet Is An Amazing Upcycle

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Having kids is expensive. Let's face it, from the minute you find out you're pregnant it seems that you're constantly opening your wallet to purchase something you need for your little one. Parents everywhere appreciate those little 'mom hacks' that not only make life as a parent easier, but also save them some money as well. After all, who doesn't love to save money?

Having babies and toddlers around the house can be very nerve wracking because they're so inquisitive and curious. Childproofing is a must with babies and toddlers and it seems that the list of things that need to be childproofed is never ending. One of those things that most babies and toddlers tend to find the most fascinating are wall outlets. Many are at just the right height and toddlers love to pick at them and try to poke their fingers in them!

If you're a parent who has purchased those plastic outlet covers to help protect your child from getting too close, you may appreciate this mom hack. One mom has shared her clever and cheap childproofing hack that will save you a few pennies by upcycling a product you probably already have at home.

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Mom Brittany Kurtz recently shared her upcycling mom hack with friends on Facebook where her post was quickly shared because of how ingenious it is. Kurtz suggested removing the plastic cover from a package of baby wipes, after you've finished the package, and placing it over your wall outlets. The adhesive covering on the plastic cover will help adhere the cover to the outlets and you'll be able to click and close it to keep the outlets out of sight.

👶🏻Mommy Life Hack👶🏻 Remove the adhesive top from the baby wipes package, then place over outlets. I certainly still...

Posted by Brittany Kurtz on Saturday, September 15, 2018

Of course, Kurtz explained that she still uses those plastic wall outlet covers, but this is just an extra added precaution she takes. "Remove the adhesive top from the baby wipes package, then place over outlets," she wrote on Facebook. "I certainly still will keep my baby safe outlet covers in, but this is just another precaution for on top. Out of site, out of mind."

Obviously people loved Kurtz's mom hack because her post has been shared almost 200 thousand times! Many thought her idea was great, but some pointed out that kids are super resourceful and that a plastic cover may not be the solution we all wish it was.

"Have you ever left a baby alone with a pack of wipes they can open those easier than me. This is not child proof. They can open medicine bottles better than my grandma," wrote one commenter.

"My kids knew how to open the wipes containers before they could walk. This does nothing in my house lmao," wrote another.

While this may not be the mom hack solution for every house, it definitely is a clever way to upcycle something you probably already have in your home.

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