Mother Says Child Protective Services Impostors Tried To 'Snatch My Kid'

A Washington area mother alerted authorities after she says that two people who were posing as Child Protective Service agents tried to take her son. Despite having personal information about her son, including his name and birthdate, Jessi McCombs declined to comply when the agents refused to show identification or any official court order.

McCombs told local news affiliate KIRO that a man and a woman, dressed in professional attire, arrived at her home and told her they were to take her son, Liam, into custody. "[She] said she was with CPS and that she was there about my son's injuries and that they were to take him into protective custody," McCombs stated but noted that her son didn't have any injuries.

"Thought for sure she had the wrong house until she told me his name and birthday," McCombs told the news station. "I asked her, ‘Can you show me some identification? Can you show me this order that you supposedly have?' She refused to show me that."

Although they were dressed professionally, McCombs said that their refusal to show any identification set off warning bells, and she refused to comply. "These people were potentially trying to just snatch my kid, so I started panicking," she said. She stated she then pretended to call 911 prompting the woman of the duo to state that they would come back at a later time, before quickly leaving.

The Department of Children, Youth, and Families said Child Protective Services confirmed with KIRO that they have no open cases against McCombs. "In situations where a child must be removed from their home, DCYF staff are accompanied by law enforcement," they said in a statement. "DCYF staff always carry agency identification and cannot remove a child from their home without a court order signed by a judge or by law enforcement taking a child into custody per RCW 26.44.050."

Mark Thomas from the Marysville Police Department told Fox News 8 that "It’s an open and active investigation."

"Before allowing any unknown individual into your home, it's always a good idea to check for photo identification," the Marysville police told KIRO." If in doubt call the office of who they are saying they represent and ask for confirmation. If your still not satisfied call 911 or the non-emergency number and ask for an officer to come out and check credentials."

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