10 Things To Pack For A Child Before Vacationing At A Resort

It’s vacation season! Which means you might be planning a vacation with your family as we speak, and looking to travel somewhere warm.

This might include a trip to an all-inclusive resort where you will be pampered with unlimited access to the pool, activities for the kids, drinks, food, and more.

As you pack your bags for this wonderful getaway that the kids are sure to love and remember, there are a few items that are must-includes. Alongside the typical things you throw into the suitcase, like clothes and toiletries, here are a few essentials to that you don’t want to forget.

10 Cold Medication

Consider that if you’re on a resort, especially in a foreign country, they may not have the particular cold medication you need. So pack some chewables, liquid, or whatever is familiar to your child so you have what you need in case of an unexpected fever or cold.

Remember, a cold can hit any time. And while you can pop over to the 24-hour drug store when you’re at home, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to find what you want at an exotic resort, much less in the middle of the night. Come prepared with what you will need in your luggage.

9 Allergy Medication

Whether your child has known allergies or not, pack some allergy medication in case of a bite, sting, or reaction of any kind. Your child could have an allergic reaction to an unknown substance or break out due to contact with something that has irritated their skin.

Whatever the case, having allergy medicine on hand is a smart move so you can nip a bad situation in the bud before it gets worse, alleviate uncomfortable symptoms, and prevent them from recurring.

8 Required Medical Devices

If your child has any specific medical conditions, make sure you bring along the devices they might need. This can include an Epipen and asthma inhaler.

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Double check that there’s enough medicine in the inhaler or, better yet, bring a second one just in case. Ditto for the Epipen. While no one expects to have an unfortunate incident that requires an Epipen while on a vacation, much less have it happen twice, it’s possible. And rather than worry, come extra prepared because the chances of you finding an Epipen in the heat of the moment, much less at all in a foreign third-world country, is slim to none.

7 Medical ID Card and Travel Insurance

Bring your child’s health card so if you need to use hospital facilities or require any kind of medical attention, you have this information at your fingertips.

Also bring along proof of any travel insurance you’ve purchased, whether it’s a card or printed document noting the company and policy name. Again, you hope you won’t need these things. But in the event that you do, it’s critical that you have them.

6 Passport

It sounds silly, but don’t forget your child’s passport or you won’t be able to board the plane in the first place! Make sure that the passport is in good order and keep it in your bag versus handing it to your child – kids tend to lose things!

Also double check that the passport is valid for at least another six months to avoid any issues. If not, make sure to renew it before your vacation to avoid any potential disruptions.

5 More Than One Bathing Suit

Don’t rely on a single pair of swim trunks or bathing suit for an entire week-long trip. Bring at least two the child can rotate between, giving one time to dry overnight or in the sun. You can also avoid any irritation from wearing the same suit for a week straight.

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Kids will also like the idea of changing it up, so they can wear bright and bold patterns one day and something more low-key another. Speaking of which, consider bright-coloured bathing suits and trunks so it’s easy to spot your child should they be running around a waterpark, or in a pool or on the beach with lots of other kids.

4 Extra Underwear

Count how many days you’re traveling. Then pack that number of underwear, plus a few extras. It never hurts to bring extra underwear, and it doesn’t take up much room in your child’s luggage.

Plus, kids might have accidents, and without laundry facilities close by, you’ll have no choice but to hand wash. With water in some countries undrinkable, you might not want to wash your child’s clothing in the sink either. So bring extras, just in case.


3 Sunscreen

Resort shops will probably have sunscreen, but it will likely not be the kind you like, and it will be sold at exorbitant prices.

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Especially if your child has sensitive skin, don’t forget to pack a bottle of the sunscreen you use at home. Make sure to pack it in your checked luggage or it is likely to be confiscated at security. And put it in a Ziplock bag, in a separate pocket from your clothes to avoid an unfortunate spill.

2 Entertainment

Kids will need to be entertained on the plane, as well as while they are at the resort. And this includes downtime back in the room. Consider bringing along a tablet, loaded with downloaded content and games (that can be played offline) to keep the child busy during the flight, especially the ascent and descent when a little distraction can help ease any pain or fear they might be feeling. Don’t forget a pair of child-friendly headphones!

Also bring a few toys and travel games they can play both on the plane and in the room, as well as books they can read while lounging by the pool and taking in the sun’s rays.

1 Special Stuffed Animal

It’s tough for kids to be away from home, so make sure they pack their favourite stuffed animal. You know, the one they sleep with every night that brings them comfort.

Make sure to pack this special friend in the carry-on so the child can hug it while on the plane, especially if they are afraid or in pain. And let them sleep with it at night in the hotel room as well so they feel like they’ve brought a piece of home with them.

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