This 8-Year-Old Was Named After Her Parents' Favorite Candy

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Choosing a name for your baby can be tough. You want to pick something that will carry them through life and fit with a personality you have yet to learn. While some parents have lists of potential monikers, others have a name epiphany of sorts and it all just works out.

Take, for example, Renee Cupp, who gave birth to a little girl eight years ago. It just so happens that Renee's favorite candy is the ever-popular Reese's Peanut Butter Cup. Considering her last name, it was basically a no-brainer to name her daughter Reese Cupp. The child's middle name? Eve. Making here Reese E. Cupp.

Can it get more perfect than that for a candy lover? Not likely.

Posted by Reese's on Tuesday, May 22, 2018

If you're a traditional name aficionado and assume Reese E. Cupp is embarrassed by her name now that she's of school age, think again. The kid is fully onboard (and, hey, with a famous actress like Reese Witherspoon also sporting the name, why shouldn't she be?). In fact, in 2018 Reese was number #192 on the list of most popular girl names, so she's not alone.

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"Everyone calls her 'Rees-ee,'" mom Renee told PEOPLE. “It’s our favorite candy for sure. We have it in the house almost all the time. We have the Half Pound Big Cup in our freezer and the Reese’s spread in our pantry."

And, hey, if Gwyneth Paltrow can name her kid Apple, who do you think has the better story on the school playground? We're going with Reese, though apples are delicious.

The Cupps' adorable name decision even put them in the running to score some cash. A Reese's candy social media contest asked fans to name their most outrageous acts showing their love for the peanut butter cups. The grand prize winner was eligible to win $10,000 and a year's supply of Reese's (which, for a fan, would have to be a lot of candy).

What’s your New Year’s Reese-olution? #ReesesOverResolutions

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Reese E. Cupp does bring up the question of which other candy favorites could translate into great kid names. Junior Mint? Hersh E. Kiss? Snow Caps? Okay, okay, clearly we're having a little to much fun with this.

No word yet on whether Reese won the grand prize, but we wish her a deliciously sweet future filled with all of the best things in life, including lots of chocolate.

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