Meet The 5-Year-Old Girl Being Called The 'Most Beautiful In The World'


We can all agree that all children are beautiful, right? Not just in the physical sense, but the whole package. Children are joyful and fearless, inquisitive and bright. They have a light about them, and there's nothing more beautiful than watching a child learn and grow and laugh. Certainly, that's a universal truth. But some people are saying that one little girl could quite possibly be the most beautiful little girl in the whole world, from a physical beauty standpoint. We're not sure how we feel about this, to be honest. It seems incredibly strange to focus so much on a child's appearance, when we should be teaching out children that what's outside is secondary to what's inside. But these pictures are focused solely on her beauty, and make no mention of who she is or what she dreams of becoming when she grows up.

Her name is Jare Ijalana, and she's just 5 years old. Jare and her family live in Nigeria, where she was photographed by Mofe Bamuyiwa. Bamuyiwa says she wanted to try her hand at a different kind of child portraiture, opting for a natural, relaxed pose that strikes a balance between childhood and adulthood. Again though, she's a 5-year-old girl! It would have been nice to see her posed like a child, laughing or playing. That certainly seems to be the more natural state for a kid her age.

Jare isn't a professional model, and according to Bamuyiwa, she's not the only beauty in her family. She has two sisters, and the photographer shared a portrait of 7-year-old Jomi as well.

The photographer mentions her ability to take direction well, and says that Jomi has proven that every little girl dreams of being a woman. But some little girls dream of being ... more? Again, the hyper-focus on the physical beauty of these very young children (remember, they're only 5 and 7!) seems very off-putting.

At a time when we're encouraging our young girls to think outside of the boxes they may be forced into based on their gender, this seems to really miss the mark. There's no denying that these young girls are beautiful. But we'd be willing to bet they are so much more than that, too.

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