10 Items To Save In Your Child's Memory Box

Whether you've collected your child's first birthday card, their first pair of booties or their soother they used for their first few months, it's always a sweet and sentimental option to collect your baby's items in a box for memory's sake. Whether this box comes in the form of a manilla envelope, a shoebox or a perfectly curated basket.

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Sometimes, the first year of your baby's life goes by so fast that you're left with items to sort. Some to keep. Some to donate. Some to throw out considering its use. For your convenience, we have made a list of 10 items that you will undoubtedly want to save in your baby's memory box. Read ahead for some inspiration.


Most hospitals will place a little baby hat on your newborn when they're all cleaned up and ready to take home. Of course, not every birth is done in a hospital. There are many home births. There are also so many beautiful, birthing centers country-wide. Whether this is the hospital hat or one of their very first hats, it's a great little sentiment to keep. When you look back on it, you will barely remember how tiny they were when they arrived into this world.


If you had given birth in the hospital or received your child through adoption in a hospital, it is most likely they will be discharged with a tiny little ID bracelet either on their wrists or their ankles. This is a sweet little keep-sake to put in your baby box for as they grow old. It's the best first thing that they had ever worn. They likely have their name on it, too. The first time it was ever written. The bracelet is a very sweet sentimental item to keep in your baby's baby box.


Whether you've been gifted one, you've bought one or you've simply made one, a baby book is a book to record many of their firsts. This is something to add into every once in a while.

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Even on their milestones like their first word, their first time using a spoon or the first time they went on the potty. Whatever their firsts, you may want to record it. And they may enjoy it for when they're older, too.


As we all know, babies grow substantially over the first year. Sometimes, your newborn may not even fit into their NB sized onesies. Regardless of what size they were when they're born, you're likely going to want to save at least one of their first outfits. You know the one? The one where you spent forever choosing for that perfect announcement photo. The one where you said they didn't need another outfit, but this one caught your eye in the store because it was just TOO cute. That one.


Whether you've hired a professional photographer or you've captured your newborn photos on your phone, it's a great idea to actually print them and place them in your baby box. In this day and age, though there are apps and sites to print your photos off of, it's rare we actually do.

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Even when we splurge on a photographer, often the photographs are just shared virtually on social media. It's a great idea to print tangible copies as keepsakes. Even just a few for their baby boxes to have and to hold.


This is a very sentimental and unique item to add to your baby's baby box. If you feel the urge to write to them, do so. Sometimes, mothers will keep a little diary to write to their children to read when they're older. Whether it pertains to their hopes and dreams, or their predictions on what type of personality they'll have when they grow, writing to your baby is a very special and fun thing. You can even seal it in an envelope with an age they're allowed to open it at.


Ok, what's cuter than baby socks?! Really, there's nothing much. And they're definitely an item that you'll want to save in your baby's baby box. Truly nothing grows faster than baby's feet. They may not even wear newborn socks more than once. That's when you'll want to store them away. Heck- they even fit in your wallet! Baby socks are one of the essential items you're going to want to save for sentimental reasons. They're too cute not to.


Of course a clean diaper, that is! It's wild how quickly you'll be adjusting the sizes of diapers when you become a parent. Sometimes, parents don't even realize there is such a thing as a size in diapers! But goodness, there are many. And for newborns, they may not be wearing that size for long.

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Because babies grow so quickly, you may not even get through your first pack before moving to size 1 and 2. And then 3. It's a very special and sentimental item to save- their first newborn diaper. It's pretty mind-blowing when you pull one out years later, realizing how tiny they truly were.


And interesting keep-sake to tuck away into their baby box is a coin and/or bill from the year they were born. Often, you can purchase an entire pack of coins the year they were born for a hefty cost. But if you're lucky enough to simply have one floating in your wallet, by all means- add it to the box. Not only will this be a sentimental keepsake, but it may just be a start to a collection. Or better yet- an RESP.


Whether you have their baby feet professionally molded or dip their toes in non-toxic paint, it's always a cute idea to somehow capture your baby's footprint and/or handprint before they grow. Because if we haven't drilled it into your heads already: Baby's grow so fast! This is a very sweet and sentimental keep sake to tuck away into their baby box and will surely be appreciated in the future.

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