Child Hit With High-Heeled Shoe Suffers Skull Fracture, Mom Arrested

TW: mentions of child abuse. A Phoenix woman has been arrested on a charge of child abuse after her 9-year-old daughter suffered a head injury. After an altercation between the mother and the child, the child called her father to tell him that her head was hurting. The father arrived at the home and brought her to the hospital, where she detailed what led to her injuries. She explained that her mother had struck her in the head with a high heel twice before pushing her into a door.

Police reports state that 43-year-old Martha Garcia was arrested earlier this week for allegedly hitting her daughter twice in the back of the head with a high heeled shoe and then pushing her into a door where she hit her head, ABC 15 reports. After her father arrived and took her to  Phoenix Children's Hospital, doctors discovered a fracture on the right side of her skull, the police statement says.

Court documents detail the incident with the young girl explaining that her mother had slapped her and continued to hit her while using her shoe to hit her twice in the back of the head. She said she also threw her into a door where she also hit her head, Arizona Central reports.

Garcia told police that the incident began while she was doing her daughter's hair, and that her daughter was the one who initially hit Garcia. She says that she responded by pushing her and throwing her shoe. She told authorities that she didn't mean to hit her daughter with the shoe but her daughter had moved when she threw it and it accidentally hit her in the back of the head.

Garcia was arrested on September 16 and faces one count of child abuse.

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