Cherry Blonde Hair May Just Be This Month's Biggest Hair Color Trend

Once upon a time hair color was basically divided into three different categories: blonde, brunette or redhead. Now, thanks to the incredible creativity of hair colorists everywhere and the desire to try anything and everything when it comes to hair experimentation, hair can be any and every color of the rainbow. We've seen pastel colors like pink and lilac becoming incredibly popular but now cherry blonde hair just might be this month's biggest hair trend, and we're definitely here for it.

We've seen deep cherry red tones in brunette locks for quite some time, and the result is simply stunning, but it's even more striking when you combine the look of the deep pink shade on blonde hair. Hair colorist Stephanie Diaz explained to PopSugar exactly what cherry blonde hair is. "The concept of 'cherry' is a deeper, pinker red," Diaz said. "[Cherry blonde hair] would be a blend — equal parts red to blonde." And the results are equal parts fabulous.

Cherry blonde hair can vary from being more dark cherry and less blonde or vice versa. Diaz explained that the look is determined by how much the cherry shade is diluted by the blonde, so you can have a darker, more dramatic look, or a lighter pink shade of cherry.

This look of the very on-trend Nordic white combined with cherry blonde creates a stunning effect that would look amazing on anyone.

The cherry color can be used as highlights throughout a blonde mane to create drama and dimension like this gorgeous look.

Cherry blonde looks great no matter what your hair length is, and can be a showstopper for short hair!

For people who don't want to commit to a color change that's too drastic or requires a lot of upkeep, cherry blonde can also be subtle. Even slight accents of color can make a huge difference!

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Whether you choose to embrace bright cherry red and pink color all over or choose something a bit more subtle to highlight your hair, summer is the perfect time to experiment with a new look! Cherry blonde hair is gorgeous and versatile and works on almost anyone. If you're looking to try a new trend this summer ask your stylist if cherry blonde will work for you and add a little color to your hair!

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