Celebrity Beauty Expert Recommends Sperm Face Masks To Keep You Looking Young

Celebrity beauty experts are responsible for creating the unforgettable celebrity looks that millions of women around the world are constantly trying to emulate. While good genes certainly play a part, that youthful, flawless skin that most celebrity women boast is definitely helped out by facialists and beauty experts that have access to the most cutting edge and expensive beauty treatments.

But not every beauty secret will break the bank, as celebrity beauty expert Chelsee Lewis tells the Daily Mail. While Lewis has some pretty economical and inventive beauty ideas that any woman can incorporate into her beauty routine, she also has some beauty treatments that may be considered a bit unorthodox by most people, including using a sperm face mask to keep your skin glowing!

Lewis told the paper that while having sex is a definite way to give yourself a natural glow, you can help with the overall look of your skin by using your partner's sperm as a face mask! Apparently, spermine, a compound found in sperm, is great for reducing the appearance of wrinkles, giving you a healthy glow and even helps prevent blemishes.

There are some experts who aren't convinced the sperm facial is the key to youthful looking, soft skin. Obviously, if you're going to use sperm for a facial you need to ensure the donor is free of STI's that could be potentially transmitted if applied to the skin, but dermatologist Karyn Grossman, MD told Refinery29 that sperm facials aren't really providing any benefit other products can't provide.

"Just from a physician's point of view, there are medical health issues around being exposed to other people’s body fluids," Dr. Grossman says. And even if your sperm donor is in good health, she questions the benefit of the unique beauty treatment. "The normal pH of semen is around 7.1 to 8.0, and that is actually not acidic at all," she said. "Your skin’s pH is closer to 4, 4.5, and that's normally where people like things to be. We talk in skin care about how skin is acidic and we need to restore that acid mantle, so in this sense, semen is actually very caustic to the skin," she added.

"There is an endless array of things you can mix together; so many other things you can do," Dr. Grossman said. "People used to take eggs and turn them into masks for that high concentration of protein. You can create a great scrub with coconut oil, baking soda, and maybe powdered milk or almond milk."

Lewis had other beauty tips that can help you get skin like your favorite celebrity without the use of bodily fluids. She suggests micro-needling your lips for a smooth and perfect pout, splashing your face 15-20 times with ice water before applying your makeup, and oil pulling as inexpensive and easy do at home beauty treatments.

When Dr. Grossman was asked if she thinks people should do a sperm facial for the beauty benefits, she was clear on her response. "I wouldn’t encourage someone to do it."

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