Chelsea Houska Mom-Shamed For Letting Daughter Wear Earrings & Lipstick

We're not sure what some their problem is, but it seems super difficult for a certain type of person to NOT shame someone else. Like, they seem something they don't disagree with, and instead of just moving on with their day and life, they just HAVE to take the time to make sure their displeasure is heard. It's got to be so time-consuming to sit around waiting to find something you don't agree with all day so you can whine and complain about it! Sadly, we see this directed at moms on the internet with alarming frequency. If you're a mom, and you've shared basically any tidbit about your life or kids on the internet, chances are you've been shamed. It's especially prevalent toward celebrities. They share small pieces of their lives and their kids with fans, and get attacked for any and every little thing. The latest mom to be shamed for a pretty stupid reason is one of the stars of MTV's Teen Mom franchise, Chelsea Houska.

Chelsea leads a pretty quiet life in comparison to some of her co-stars, but apparently she dared to let her 9-year-old daughter wear something she wanted on the first day of school, so naturally the mom-shaming hoards descended!

Chelsea Houska shared this adorable picture of 9-year-old Aubree on her first day of school. In the caption, Chelsea says that Aubree is currently obsessed with the chunky earrings she's wearing in the photo, and wanted to wear a little lipstick on her big first day. That sounds like completely normal behavior for a tween! Also, those earrings are adorable, and you can barely tell she's wearing any lipstick. But that didn't stop the commenters from shaming Chelsea.

People were quick to focus on the earrings and lipstick, remarking that she's too young to be wearing either. There were lots of well-meaning comments saying she should let Aubree be a kid. And of course plenty of Super Moms telling Chelsea that THEIR daughters want to wear earrings and lipstick and they told them no, like a good mom should do. One lovely person even said that letting Aubree wear lipstick and earrings on the first day of school would lead to her ending up in the same situation Chelsea was in (pregnant as a teen, we assume). So, you know. Just your usual a&%holes on the internet.

If you don't like something, that's fine. But there's no reason, absolutely none, to shame a parent for something like this. Or anything that doesn't endanger their child, to be honest! Move along, people. We're sure there's a toddler with a pacifier somewhere you can direct your ire toward.

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