10 Cheap Date Night Ideas For The Parents

It's hard enough to find the time to get out just the two of you, but it can also be hard to financially justify a date night for both parents. It's incredibly important to get out in order to keep your partnership strong, so we've compiled 10 unique date night ideas that will not cost an arm and a leg.

Between car payments and increasing grocery bills, it can be difficult to spend a lot on dinner and a movie considering you can do all of that at home for a fraction at the cost. Regardless, it's vital for both parents to get out and enjoy some one on one time without a child by your side. Read ahead for some inspiration on your next, inexpensive date night plans.

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Local beaches are surprisingly easy to come by if you live along the coast. Sometimes, you may even be able to find a man-made beach or pond that has beautiful scenery.

Regardless, there's something magical and calming about being around an open body of water. Calmness: exactly what a set of parents need when they escape for a date night out. Bring a couple of beers or an alcohol-free beverage along with you. Place down a blanket and cuddle by the water. Sometimes it can be as simple as that.


There's nothing better than enjoying a hot cup of joe without the distraction of children. Often, the coffee turns cold while you watch the kids, especially if they are young. A great, cheap and cozy date night is grabbing a coffee with your partner while the kids sleep or while someone watches them.

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Take a walk around your block. Enjoy each other's company. Enjoy your coffee...while it's hot.


Getting fresh air with your partner is ideal. When you have some time to get away together, try something active. Whether you two actively ride scooters, skateboards, bicycles or rollerblades, grad whatever wheels you'd like to go for a ride together. Often many couples who were active before children do not get the opportunity to go out on their set of wheels like they had before children.

Bring back that simple joy. Not every date night has to be a candle-lit dinner accompanied by a $150 bill + tip. The simple dates can be the best dates.


There's nothing better than fresh flowers scattered throughout your home. Whether you've ordered them or gone to the flower shop to choose them yourself, the bill can be quite extensive. What's a better idea than going out into the wilderness to pick them yourself as a date activity for you and your partner?

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Not only do you get to collectively spark some imagination and creativity, but it's a great way to bond through the creation of forming a natural, free bouquet of wildflowers.


Camping is a great and inexpensive way to bond more with your partner. Away from all technology and distraction, spending a night or two alone in the wilderness with your partner is a great opportunity to re-connect without spending too much money.

Of course this may not be a feasible trip for a couple with young children, or whom can not find babysitters; however, it's a great idea for the couple who have the support yet can not afford and/or justify a hotel.


If the children are out of the night, you don't always have to go out. When you leave the house you're automatically spending money.

So, considering preparing a meal just the two of you. Whether it's a meal you've been dying to try or a recipe that was a go-to before becoming parents, try and cook or bake something that will take time. Enjoy the process and enjoy the outcome.


There's something so sweet (pun intended) about going to an ice-cream shop with your partner. Whether it's the nostalgia or the fact that you're surprisingly kid-less, it's a great and inexpensive way to spend date night together.

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Everyone loves ice-cream, and it's important to enjoy the foods you love without distraction or *responsibility* every once in a while. Rather than splurging on a big dinner before dessert, go straight to the desert.


Whether it's a veggie garden or flower garden you've been wanting to plant but don't seem to have the time while juggling the kids, consider making a new one with your partner while they're asleep or are being watched by loved ones/a baby sitter. There's something about getting dirty (get your mind out of the gutter) with your partner. Don't worry, there's always an option for a shower afterward.

But, it's humbling to do hands-on work together; especially if it's hands-on work you tend to do by yourself. Not only is this a great date idea to spark creativity together, but it's also a great way to work hard together to accomplish a goal you've had for a while.


This may read cheesy, but it's quite relaxing and quite magical. We suggest you find a secluded spot with a great view.

Paint is quite inexpensive, and you can often find canvas at the dollar store for a few bucks. You can even find paintbrushes and paint there, too. Painting, in general, is a very therapeutic exercise. When you do it with your partner, there's a sense of bonding that often takes place. Painting in the park is a beautiful way to peacefully get away without spending too much cash.


Remember that novel by your bed that you began last month? Perhaps there's a book high on the shelf that you've wanted to start from years prior. Well, now may be the time. Date night does not always mean social time. Perhaps you just simply want to be with your partner. As mentioned previously, there is magic in the water. It's calming.

It's a great thing to reflect by. It's also a great spot to read. So, pick up a book with your partner, whether it's the same or different. You'll enjoy this simple date night more than you think.

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