The New ‘Charlie’s Angels’ Movie Is Here

Under the direction of Elizabeth Banks, the newest addition to the Charlie’s Angels franchise, ups the ante with a talented diverse cast, a larger more complex network of highly trained women and several Bosleys that continue to serve as guides to help the network maneuver out of the trickiest situations. If the trailer is any indication of the forthcoming film, there will definitely be strong themes of: female empowerment, interconnectivity among women and many fun and unexpected decoy moments within the plot.

Based on a story by David Auburn and Evan Spiliotopoulos, and with a screenplay written by Banks, this first trailer exudes a tone that is high-energy, fiery and intense. Ella Balinska, Naomi Scott, and Kristen Stewart are the perfect trio, with each talent possessing that extra something special that makes for dynamic chemistry onscreen amongst the spy angels. It’s refreshing to see three different ethnicities cast as the lead actresses in the trailer as well as in the forthcoming film. Additionally, Elizabeth Banks plays another Bosley along with Patrick Stewart and Djimon Hounsou.

Female empowerment runs deep in the trailer as Sabina Wilson (Stewart) quips, “I think that women can do anything.” After which a male counterpart retorts, “Just because they can, does not mean that they should.” Followed by her skillfully outsmarting him, and placing him in a vulnerable position physically so that her female counterpart Jane Kano (Balinska) can come in and finish the job. In the trailer, the man with whom she is having dinner is so focused on her physical appearance and so limited by his own gender bias that he does not see that he is about to be in a very tricky situation.

We’ve all heard the saying that “looks can be deceiving”, but in the case of Charlie’s new angels and their complex network of highly-trained, more than capable network of women, being underestimated on the premise of their beauty and gender is definitely going to come in handy. The music, visuals and wardrobe styling in this trailer are modern, chic and very hip. This new reboot looks really fun and adds a totally new perspective to the Charlie’s Angels franchise.

Based on this high-energy trailer with its catchy soundtrack, it appears that Sony Pictures Entertainment has a forthcoming hit on their hands.

The movie hits theaters in November.

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