This 15-Year-Old Teen Has Become A Big Celebrity Thanks To TikTok

A teen has become a celebrity thanks to TikTok. Charli D’Amelio, 15, amassed over 6 million followers over a very short period, and such a following has led her to become a star on the popular video app.

Charli displays her talent for dancing by posting short clips of her moves on TikTok, an app owned by the ByteDance Company. She also shows dances in which she learns and follows other users’ choreographies. Her videos went viral and led to her dancing with the famous singer, Bebe Rexha, on November 23 during Bebe's opening performance in New York for the Jonas Brothers. The 15-year-old has a passion for music and her account includes videos of her lip-syncing to various songs, in addition to the dance clips. Her popularity grew and skyrocketed from such content that showed her love for the art of music.

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NBC News revealed from an interview with D’Amelio that she identified the “Move With Joy” video that she did with another user as the starting point of her stardom. The video has over two million views and shows Charli following Joy’s choreography in a side-by-side clip.

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The teenage star has been dancing since she was three years old and her parents always knew that she would succeed at some point. Marc D'Amelio, her father, told NBC News that he and her mother, Heidi, find the stardom fascinating and are supportive of their daughter. He commented that parents are happy and inform them of what a role model Charli is, as she represents positive values.

Marc added that the whole family is on TikTok, and the feedback is mostly positive. Nevertheless, Charli and her family experienced the negative aspect of stardom through nasty comments on the accounts. The 15-year-old explains that initially, she tried to respond to the nasty comments but later decided to change her approach. She created a YouTube channel through which she hopes to connect with the viewers and show that she is a person with feelings.

TikTok, previously called Musical.ly, is popular among its users for trending dances and challenges, lip-syncs and in-jokes. Charli told NBC News that she finds her growing popularity surprising and puts it down to an algorithm in the app boosting her. However, her passion for dance and music blends with the app's essential contents, which allows other users to view and truly appreciate her talents. Her growing YouTube channel also reflects that people support and see her as a human being and understand that she exists beyond their screens.

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