5 Common Challenges Of Being A Single Mom, And How To Overcome Them

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Being a single mom is not easy. Whether you're a single mom by choice, or experienced a major life event that left you and your kids on your own, you've probably faced a great deal of struggle. We get it! You're trying to be the best mom you can be, probably while also holding down a job (or two) to keep your little family afloat. There are some common challenges to being a single mom, but as you've shown time and time again, they're nothing you can't handle!

1. Feeling like you're all alone

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This is a major one for single moms, especially those without family or good friends nearby who can help. It's very isolating. You wake up, get your kids ready, get them situated, go to work, pick up your kids, and then your next job starts! In between all of that, you're supposed to somehow find time to spend with other adults in your life, and nurture relationships outside of the ones you have with your kids. There just aren't enough hours in the day! But just know this: you are not alone, not by a long shot. It might help to find a local support group of single parents to lean on, or cement those friendships that have withstood all the changes in your life. Even a phone call or text session with your bestie can help ease the feeling of being in this one your own.

2. Not being sure if you can support your family

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Sure, some single moms get plenty of child support to help make ends meet. But plenty single moms are the captains of their own ships, and find themselves having to take on the role of sole breadwinner. It's incredibly difficult, especially if you're going from stay-at-home-mom to working-mom. But you got this! In the beginning, it may mean cutting back on a lot of extras and putting that money toward bills. We all know that just getting a new job isn't easy or realistic, but there are plenty of online courses you can take to learn a new skill and break into a new industry. And don't let the resentment over having to work get you down; you're showing your kids how to be strong, resourceful, and responsible, and that will pay off.

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3. Feeling like you're just not sure you can do this on your own

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It's a lot, all the time, and it can be very overwhelming. There's no shame in asking for help when you need it, or acknowledging the times that you're in over your head. But listen: you can absolutely do this. It won't always feel like you can, and self-doubt can creep in and make you second guess yourself. But you're a mom, and we all know that moms would literally walk across fire to take care of their kids.

4. Worrying about what other people think about you

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There is still a stigma around single moms, and that can be hard to shake. Yes, you will probably encounter a few people who judge you for your choices or lifestyle. And to those people we say: buzz off! Focus on your truth, lean on the people who know your story and situation, and block out the noise from everyone else. Until someone has walked in your shoes, they don't get to judge the steps you take in them.

5. Feeling guilty that your kids may grow up without their dad

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Ooof, this one is so hard. Yes, we hear all the time that 2-parent households are best for kids. But there is also plenty of research that shows that kids who grow up in a loving home thrive, regardless of how many parents they have. If your kids' dad is out of the picture, then you are mom AND dad, and that's all they will know. And that it more than OK! It's not about titles or genders, it's about raising them with love and kindness and being supportive and present. As long as you do this, your kids won't be lacking for anything.

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