'Friends' Is Celebrating Its 25th Anniversary By Releasing A Central Perk Coffee Line

It might be difficult to imagine (especially since reruns are still on our screens) but Friends is a quarter of a century-old this year. The comedy institution and cultural staple turns 25 on September 22. One of the most memorable things about the entire series wasn't Rachel's hair or Monica's closet, but the gang's meeting place, Central Perk. Fans are being treated to a very special Central Perk coffee line to celebrate this monumental anniversary. The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is welcoming Friends-themed drinks in-store, as well as some very special Central Perk items for customers to take home. Could this be any cooler?

While the Central Perk products are hotly anticipated, those looking for an instant Friends caffeine fix won't be disappointed. Coffee fans can saunter into a Coffee Bean and ask for "The Rachel" (matcha latte), "The Joey" (mango cold brew tea), "The Monica" (midnight mocha cold brew), "The Ross" (classic flat white), "The Chandler" (caramel coconut latte), and "The Phoebe" (cookies and cream ice blended). All the drinks have been specially chosen to reflect the personality of the characters. "The Monica" is deemed ideal for perfectionists, while "The Ross" is based on what Ross wants to be: sleek and sophisticated.

If you want to take a piece of television history home to your kitchen, you can buy Central Perk Medium Roast, which has a nutty aroma and a smooth, sweet finish, or Dark Roast, which allegedly packs a punch, perfect for Monday mornings. Tea drinkers needn't feel left out, either. Black tea blended with citrus is also available online now, along with those expertly blended coffees.

All the specialty drinks and the Central Perk items will be available in-store from July 31 right the way through summer, but why wait? There's no excuse for this one, regardless of if you're on a break or not.

Now there's only one question that remains for Friends fans. Will there ever be a movie, a reunion, or preferably, both? If the 25th anniversary isn't the time to announce something of that magnitude when is? The ball's in your court, guys...

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