10 Celebrity Parents Who Are No Longer Anti-Vaxxers

The mommy wars are nothing new. The topic de jour is all that changes. Mom groups everywhere have taken up arms over the topic of vaccination. A loud minority believe that vaccines are dangerous despite there being no evidence to support this theory. The only published research linking vaccines to any harm has been discredited, and its author has lost his license to practice medicine.

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The facts haven't stopped even celebrity parents from jumping on the anti-vax train. Thankfully, some have come back around to reality. Here's a list of former anti-vax celebrities—and a few who are sticking to their guns.

10 Kat Von D

Kat Von D got herself into some serious hot water on social media during her pregnancy. She vented her frustration about the unsolicited opinions the public gives to celebrities. She felt judged based on her dietary choices, pregnancy, and her plan to raise her children without vaccines.

There was a massive backlash. Many decided to boycott her popular makeup line in response to her stance. Kat Von D changed her tune when the sales started dropping. She reeled in her unpopular opinion pretty quickly.

9 Erin Brockovich

Notorious health and human rights advocate Erin Brockovich suddenly earned a reputation for being anti-vaccine in 2015. She railed against proposed California legislation which would make vaccines compulsory. This passionate stance came across as strongly anti-vaccine.

Erin later took to Twitter to state that she vaccinated her children and supported her grandchildren being immunized as well. She clarified that she is not anti-vaccine but pro-parental rights. The distinction is important but her explanation hasn't convinced everyone.

8 Jenny McCarthy

Many credit Jenny McCarthy with single-handedly starting the anti-vaccine movement. She used her minor celebrity status to whip up hysteria, claiming that the MMR vaccine caused her son's autism. She actually wrote the book on blaming autism spectrum disorders on vaccine injury. That concept has been thoroughly debunked by science.

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She's faced an understandable amount of criticism and even threats over her role in encouraging vaccine skepticism. Perhaps because of this backlash she has since described herself as not anti-vaccine but pro-vaccine safety.

7 Jim Carrey

"I'm not anti-Vaccine, I'm anti-thimerosal, anti-mercury." That's a pretty definitive statement. Considering those two controversial ingredients have been removed from most vaccines, Carey publicly states he supports most of these shots.

Carey has used the word "pro-vaccine" to describe himself on social media. He made his stance unclear again when he described himself as "anti-neurotoxin" and likened himself to notoriously anti-vaccine Robert Kennedy Jr.

6 Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen is no stranger to controversy. Not one to be left out of a good scandal, he's made it clear which side of this argument he's on. The actor was tied up in a vicious legal battle with his ex-wife Denise Richards. The pair disagreed on vaccinating their two daughters.

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Richards won the right to protect her kids from preventable diseases and Sheen was furious. Sheen proved just how petty he can be when he received the pediatrician's bill for his daughters' treatment. He paid all $380 entirely in nickels. That may be a first within the anti-vaccine movement.

5 Mayim Bialik

Mayim's relationship with vaccines seems a bit complicated, at least based on her past statements. The actress does immunize her own children but she's made some comments that lead many to believe she was anti-vax. She's also urged parents to do their research indicating vaccine skepticism.

She's made it clear that she believes every family should do what they feel is right for themselves. This wishy-washy past attitude certainly demonstrates sympathy for parents who don't vaccinate.

4 Amanda Peet

Being a celebrity has many perks. Amanda Peet uses her place in the spotlight to bring awareness to a cause near and dear to her heart. She's bucked the Hollywood trend of vaccine suspicion and has come out publically in support of the practice. Amanda has spoken at parenting conferences on the importance of vaccination. She pleads for other cultural influencers to use their platform to spread awareness and encourage higher vaccination rates.

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While some famous moms are standing on soap boxes and warning the world, Amanda Peet is a voice of reason. She works closely with the shot@life campaign as well as Every Child By Two. She's not just an immunization advocate—she's a champion.

3 Salma Hayek

Social influencers are the key to boosting immunization numbers in America. The advice of doctors and the findings of the scientific community aren't attractive enough to turn heads. When someone like Salma Hayek speaks, people listen. She's also chosen to use her influence to positively impact the world.

She finds the idea of losing a child to a vaccine-preventable disease unbearable. Salma hopes to see a world in which Tetanus has been eliminated by proper vaccine practices. The disease can be contracted during childbirth and threatens the mother and baby. Salma is also a UNICEF ambassador who uses her fame for humanitarian work.

2 Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez is a champion against a particular childhood illness that's making a comeback. She's an official spokesperson for the Sounds Of Pertussis, which seeks to bring awareness about whooping cough and the importance of vaccination. She hopes to educate parents on the severity of pertussis and the real risk it poses to small children.

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Many parents don't understand that they can contract the disease and pass it along to their kids. Jennifer hopes to raise vaccine rates among both children and adults to eliminate the disease entirely.

1 Marc Anthony

It comes as no surprise that the father of Jennifer Lopez's children shares her stance on vaccines. He appeared in a PSA for the United States Department of Health, advocating for vaccines and, in particular, the flu shot.

Marc is a devoted father and a passionate vaccine advocate. Many celebrities vaccinate their own children but a mall number speak out so publically in support of the practice. With a massive fan base that spans the globe, he's a powerful voice to have behind any cause. In conjunction with his ex-wife, he actively promotes the cause and fights for global health.

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